Tomi Lahren Finally Has Enough Of Megyn Kelly’s BS And GOES OFF

Liberal wannabe Megyn Kelly has been busy pissing off a lot of viewers after turning into an anti-Trump mouthpiece during the presidential election. After Kelly’s latest antics, painting Pamela Geller – one of America’s premiere anti-Islam warriors – as a hateful racist last week, Tomi Lahren finally had enough of Kelly’s BS and called her out. What Tomi said about the FOX News declining star will leave you cheering.

Pamela Geller’s work has been paramount in keeping Sharia law out of America, as this warrior has devoted her life to shining the light on Islam and exposing Muslims across the globe who would wish to do America harm. Her invaluable work has made her a staple of the conservative movement, while at the same time putting her on an ISIS target list, as their leaders continue to literally call for Geller’s head.

However, for some reason that defies all logic, Megyn Kelly felt the need to bash Geller during an NPR interview with Robert Spencer, where she painted Geller as a bigot who hates all Muslims. Kelly’s example of Geller’s “racism” was the “Draw Muhammad” contest Geller held back in 2015.

Completely missing the point that Geller’s event was a way to stand up for the free speech of everyone around the globe after Muslim terrorists slaughtered the Charlie Hebdo cartoon artists for drawing Muhammad, Kelly went on with her leftist-like talking points, slamming Geller and showing the world her true liberal colors.

The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren decided to invite Geller on her show to set things straight while taking direct aim at Megyn Kelly. True to form, Tomi hit the ball out of the park yet again. Here’s her interview with Geller as they discuss just what the hell Megyn Kelly’s problem actually is:

FOX News needs to can Megyn Kelly’s ass, and they need to do it now. The last thing we need is a turncoat traitor being the face of conservative politics.

It’s truly disturbing how much Megyn Kelly has changed just in the past year. It’s time for her to move over to CNN, with all her liberal buddies, where I’m sure she’ll fit in just perfectly. America is fed up with this woman’s crap.

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