As ‘Top Chef’ Judges Film Season Finale, Viewers LIVID To See What They’re Wearing

“Top Chef” judges Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Graham Elliot, and Jonathan Waxman recently filmed the show’s season finale for Bravo. It was all going swimmingly — until people spied what each of the celebrity judges was wearing. Viewers were understandably left livid at the sight.

“Top Chef” judges film the cooking show’s season finale, wearing controversial lapel pins. (Photo Credit: Planned Parenthood Action/Twitter)

Unfortunately, there are millions of people in this country and in others who do very little critical thinking of their own, choosing instead to derive their worldview and political opinions from celebrities. This is why actors, singers, and other famous folks have such a unique platform — quite literally, they have the ability to influence opinions on a very large scale.

“Top Chef” judges Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Graham Elliot, and Jonathan Waxman understood as much when each one proudly wore a Planned Parenthood lapel pin during the show’s season finale. The show’s host, Padma Lakshmi, an outspoken supporter of Planned Parenthood and a woman’s “right” to kill her own child, also wore a pin.

Unable to contain her excitement over the “opportunity” that she was given to promote the murder of babies on national television, Lakshmi tweeted, “I’ve been supporting @PPFA for a long, long time and want to thank @BravoTopChef for letting me showcase them tonight.”

“Top Chef” has been a wildly successful program for Bravo, producing several spin-offs, including “Top Chef Masters,” “Top Chef All Stars,” and “Top Chef Just Desserts.” During its peak, the show commanded 3.02 million viewers. Each of the judges is a high-profile celebrity chef with restaurants in major cities, best-selling cookbooks, or regular appearances on TV. Indeed, this is a platform with substantial influence.

And, what did Lakshmi, Colicchio, Simmons, Elliot, and Waxman use that considerable influence to advocate for? The killing of babies and selling of their body parts. Food and abortion — seems like an appetizing pairing, right?

This is particularly problematic for Lakshmi, who should be a supporter of minorities as an Indian-born American, seeing as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was explicit in her eugenicist goals for the organization, including her desire to “exterminate the Negro population.” The abortion giant is now fulfilling Sanger’s dream, killing a disproportionate amount of minority babies and unborn little girls.

As the founder of America’s largest abortion chain, Margaret Sanger’s ideology for Planned Parenthood was cemented in eugenics, the belief and practice that aims to eliminate certain groups of people.

As a eugenicist, Sanger encouraged the sterilization of persons with less desirable qualities, and strongly encouraged the reproduction of groups with more desirable qualities. Sanger’s disdain for blacks, minority groups, and the diseased and disabled spawned the birth of an abortion corporation that profits off the killing of the weakest and most vulnerable. From its conception, Planned Parenthood was built upon the roots of exterminating individuals deemed “unfit” for the human family. [Source: Life News]

The “Top Chef” stunt backfired immediately as social media users came out in droves to voice their disgust over the judges’ sick move.

People are growing increasingly tired of celebrities working to indoctrinate the population with their radically progressive views. And, perhaps nothing could be more radical than stumping for an organization which has killed more innocent people than any regime, war, or disease.

Make no mistake, heart disease is not the leading cause of death in the United States. Nor is it cancer, car accidents, or any number of other means you might see listed by the medical community and the media. The one thing which snuffs out more lives than any other is abortion.

The numbers speak for themselves. Quoted as the number one killer of men and women in the US, heart disease takes the lives of an estimated 610,000 people per year, according to the CDC. Meanwhile, there were almost 44.5 million abortions in the US between 1970 until 2014. That averages out to roughly a million per year.

World O Meters reports, “In the USA, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion, there are over 3,000 abortions per day,” which would again give us roughly a million abortions per year. “Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies in the USA (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion,” the source adds.

Simply put, Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Graham Elliot, and Jonathan Waxman ought to be ashamed of themselves for not only condoning but encouraging the number one killer in our country and promoting murder. Nothing more, nothing less.

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