Top Conservative Attacks Trump’s America 1st Agenda, Backfires In His Face

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If you ever wondered who was behind the anti-Trump sentiment among conservatives, look no further. Recently, billionaire Charles Koch spurred on more hate for President Donald Trump’s America First agenda. His comments were meant to undermine Republican support for the president. Undeterred, Trump fired back and made him regret it.

The Republican establishment still opposes President Donald Trump in order to undermine our economy. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

You have to wonder how there can still be any conservatives opposed to President Trump. After only a year and a half in office, he’s made good on numerous promises to the American people. Every Republican candidate for president has made similar promises. Not since Ronald Reagan have we seen one actually make good on those promises, like Donald Trump. In fact, according to some studies, Trump has accomplished more conservative goals at this point than the Gipper.

Donald Trump has kept to his word. As the left unfairly slanders his character, openly calling him racist or a Russian puppet, Trump refuses to back down. He vowed to serve the American people and — against all odds — he actually is!

Even the left’s golden boy, Barry Obama, couldn’t say that.

President Trump has furthered the conservative cause at every opportunity. He has shattered government regulation. Thanks to him, Americans are enjoying tax cuts. Usage of government benefits, like food stamps, is dropping. Unemployment is radically low. And wages are climbing. Conservatives have plenty to be excited about.

Unless, of course, you are a con man. There are those within the GOP who are very opposed to Trump. They openly defy the president’s success, going as far as attacking his policy. One of those people is big-pocketed donor Charles Koch. But there is a very good reason he challenges Trump’s agenda: and the president called him out on it.

President Donald Trump continued to attack billionaire Charles Koch for his critical assessment of his tariffs on foreign products.

Koch told the media on Sunday that the tariffs were “ridiculous” and “unfair” to foreign countries and foreign workers.

“He is correct, AMERICA FIRST!” Trump wrote, after highlighting Koch’s remarks on Twitter.

Trump also questioned the Koch brothers election funding, noting that very few political candidates that he knew were getting the money.

On Tuesday, Trump criticized the “globalist Koch brothers” who had become a “total joke” as a result of their criticisms.

“They want to protect their companies outside the U.S. from being taxed, I’m for America First & the American Worker – a puppet for no one,” Trump wrote. “Two nice guys with bad ideas.” [Source: Breitbart]

It seems unthinkable that any conservative would be against Trump’s progress, especially when you look at his support for our goals and the booming economy. But there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing, my friends. Many of our Republican leaders are in the pocket of corrupt globalists.

These billionaire businessmen — like Charles Koch — have interests all over the world. They built factories and companies overseas, where they can exploit cheap labor and flimsy governments. Their goal is to then dump their cheap products back into the United States. They want to screw us coming and go: take our jobs and sell us crappy goods.

It’s a trend that’s been going on for years. President Clinton opened the floodgates. Presidents Bush and Obama only helped further this decline. Despite their politics, they were in the pockets of these globalists.

This is why Trump gets so much hate. Liberals in the media do not believe what they say about him. They are forced to lie because their globalist employers require them to. Trump poses a threat to every corrupt corporation that wanted to plunder our country.

Donald Trump’s election struck a massive blow in their growing scheme. Now, we have companies investing in American workers. Wages are going up — thanks to a crackdown on illegal slave labor. It’s not surprising that a globalist like Koch is sweating buckets.

But even now, Trump is undeterred. He’s already accomplished incredible feats with little support from the media, politicians, or members of his own party. Imagine what he will do in the coming years?