Topless Woman Somehow Sneaks Mace Into Cop Car, Regrets It Seconds Later

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Topless Woman Somehow Sneaks Mace Into Cop Car, Seconds Later Regrets It
Pictured: Quivonna Bonner in police cruiser

When Quivonna Bonner was arrested and placed in the back seat of a cop car, she was somehow able to sneak a can of mace in with her. Eventually, she decided it was a good idea to use the mace on cops, and that is when things got completely crazy.

According to NBC, it is unclear why Bonner was not wearing a shirt. Police report that she was originally arrested for disorderly conduct and drug possession, but her actions in the video brought the added charge of assault on a police officer.

“Officer Tackett had the rear window cracked and as he got close to try and mace Ms. Bonner, Ms. Bonner reached up and sprayed her mace through the opening of the window at Officer Tackett,” court documents said.

Mirror reports that Bonner repeatedly screamed and swore at officers before threatening to spray the mace. The window of the cruiser was cracked and Bonner warned that she would start spraying if officers opened the door.

One police account of the incident goes as follows:

“Ms Bonner reached up and sprayed her mace through the opening of the window at Officer Tackett.” The officer said he managed to avoid the mace spraying out of the window and was able to spray his own mace back toward the woman.

Police say the arrested woman then dropped her can.

They also described Ms Bonner’s behaviour as being “so belligerent and erratic that she could not be interviewed or processed” and say she was taken directly to the Franklin County Jail in Ohio, in the USA.

Officers say that, after warning Bonner to stop the violent behavior, they waited at least 10 minutes before spraying back.

Watch video of the bizarre, wild incident for yourself, below:

The lesson learned, for cops, is to make sure to always thoroughly pat down perpetrators. The lesson for the rest of us is to avoid drug use. This entire episode was absurd and avoidable.

Fortunately, police were able to handle the situation without using lethal force. Had they shot Bonner, the story would have taken on an entirely new level of scrutiny. Officers like these do a tough job, and we owe them our gratitude, especially when dealing with wild women like Bonner.