WATCH: Tourists Shocked As Migrants Storm Beach, Horrified By What They Do Moments Later

WATCH: Travelers Shocked As Migrants Storm Beach, Horrified By What They Do Moments Later
Images captured from a video shot in Spain (Photo Credit: Screengrab from Twitter 1, 2)

Although a few vacationing tourists thought it would be a nice day to relax on the beach, their fun in the sun and sand would prove to be anything but as a boatload of migrants rapidly approached. Unfortunately, that’s about the time things took a horrifying turn after what the invaders did just a few moments later – and it was all caught on video.

According to Infowars, the incident reportedly took place on a Playa de los Alemanes beach in Cadiz, Spain. As seen in two separate videos later posted to Twitter, a group of migrants shocked tourists relaxing by the ocean when they came a little too close to shore.

However, things would only go from bad to worse as the boat clearly had no intentions of stopping or remaining at sea for that matter. In fact, the migrants practically sailed right up on the sand – and this is when they would ultimately leave onlookers downright horrified.

As can be heard, one woman calls for her family to come to her as she was unaware of who the men were and what was actually happening. “Run! Run!” she cried out before asking, “What is it? Men?” No sooner than she could get the words out, the migrants in the boat jumped out and made a mad dash for the beach, Mail Online reports.

Just like that, they had illegally made their way into a new country and were trying to get as far away as possible before authorities could arrive and arrest them. Sadly, they were all able to escape the immediate area before officers could respond, meaning that not a single one was arrested.

As Mad World News previously reported, countless migrants were recently seen flooding past the border of Ceuta – a Spanish territory on the continent of Africa. Of course, seeing how it’s just a few short miles across the sea into the mainland, it doesn’t come as a surprise as it was predicted that they would eventually try to sneak their way into Europe.

Sadly, this is the exact kind of criminal behavior that the left is encouraging as they seek to excuse the actions of migrants and so-called “refugees.” In the end, they’re breaking the laws of the foreign lands which they hope to one day be a member of.

In all reality, it doesn’t take a genius to see how that mindset is flawed seeing how you’ll always technically be running from the law. Regardless, a few people have since pointed out something pertaining to the people in the boat that is downright shocking.

Although viewers may not immediately notice it, just about everyone in the arriving boat is actually male. What this means is that these young, able-bodied men have left their homes, families, women, and children behind in hopes of selfishly finding a better future for themselves.

The real question here is; if all the men are gone, who is going to do the work and provide for those who need it? Of course, this isn’t a question you’ll hear answered by the left as they seek to defend their actions rather than acknowledge the obvious flaws.

Open borders don’t help anyone. It hurts both the new host country of migrants and those left behind in the country they fled. Last I checked, the benefit of one doesn’t come before that of an entire civilization. It’s time people start to remember that before they advocate for this criminal behavior.

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