Traitor Soldier Threatens To Assassinate Pence, Gets Nasty Dose Of Instant Justice

An ignorant punk has found himself in a world of trouble after threatening to assassinate Vice President Mike Pence. Unfortunately for him, he also just so happened to be a soldier in the Army National Guard, meaning that he quickly got a nasty dose of instant justice he never saw coming – and let’s just say, he learned his big mistake way too late.

Traitor Soldier Threatens To Assassinate Pence, Gets Nasty Dose Of Instant Justice
Vice President Mike Pence (left), William Dunbar (right) (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Cambria County Prison)

William Dunbar of Berlin, Pennsylvania, thought he was a big tough guy, joining the safest branch of the military. However, things would take a turn as he took off for training in the National Guard and said something rather stupid.

According to New York Post, Dunbar was at the Army National Guard Training Center over the weekend when he uttered the words, “If someone pays me enough money, I will kill the vice president.” Oddly enough, the brazen moron didn’t think that once was enough and saw fit to threaten Pence, who was in town for the 16th-anniversary observance of the Flight 93 crash, once more at some point later in the day.

Too bad for him, it looks likes Dunbar threatened the Vice President in front of the wrong people as someone overheard him and reported the incident to his superior. Just like that, the traitor’s words blew up in his face as he instantly got the nasty dose of justice he undoubtedly deserved.

In fact, Young Conservatives reports that the thug was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and making terroristic threats, both misdemeanors. Before being hauled off to prison, though, officials took Dunbar to the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center for a psychological evaluation. Although there’s no word back on the results of his mental health test, he has since been ushered off to jail, where he is currently being held on $250,000 bond.

Sadly, this just goes to show that liberalism truly is a mental disorder. Because liberals are lazy and simply believe whatever they’re told, well, this is exactly what you get. They believe they’re allowed to do whatever pleases them simply because they’re “entitled” to do so without consequence, and more often than not, their decisions are based on tired, untrue rhetoric spread by the left.

People like Dunbar likely believe that the same people who have been manipulating them to this point will protect them in instances like these, but they’re sorely mistaken. That’s why there’s dead silence from people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren when it comes to punks like Dunbar. They create these shills, then turn their backs and ignore the product of their false narrative.

Despite the fact that this guy is undoubtedly a Democrat voter, you simply won’t hear any leading Democrats condemn this kind of behavior. For one, they don’t want to associate with politically damaging followers, and secondly, they’d rather you simply just not know how their words are affecting their base.

The left can pretend that Trump and his supporters are the problem, but the violence is stemming from one party, and it’s not Republican. Too bad for Democrats, until they fix their hemorrhaging party, we’ll only see more of this unacceptable behavior. It’s time to take responsibility Democrats – your party is in a tailspin with a crash landing imminent.

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