After Months of Trashing Trump, John Brennan Had This to Say About Him

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Former CIA Director John Brennan has nothing but terrible things to say about President Donald Trump. Ever since Trump was elected, Brennan has slandered the POTUS online and in interviews. He has even made major claims about Trump’s loyalty to the United States. But recently, when pressed about his past statements, Brennan had something shocking to announce.

Former CIA Director John Brennan has spent the last few years slandering the president online. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)

John Brennan was the Director of the CIA under Barack Obama. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he isn’t a fan of Donald Trump. We can assume most of the officials from Obama’s years aren’t going to sing the praises of the current administration (even though it’s been doing a vastly superior job running the country).

But Brennan’s actions have gone way beyond partisan opinion. The former spook has spent considerable time attacking Donald Trump. His insults and attacks go far beyond what anyone should expect from a former government official.

Donald Trump is known for his online habits; you have to be pretty aggressive to outdo him. But on a regular basis, Brennan posts the most divisive, shocking, and downright dishonest comments about our Command in Chief. A particularly terrible tweet came when Brennan accused Trump of treason after his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

That tweet got heavy circulation. Media outlets jumped on it as support of their fake narrative. Since the election, liberals have been claiming Trump worked with Russia. Many of them happily pointed to Brennan’s tweet as further proof that our president is a pawn of Russia.

Naturally, without real evidence or facts to back it up.

Things got so bad, President Trump had to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance. He said, in part, about the former CIA director:

“Mr. Brennan’s lying and recent conduct, characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary, is wholly inconsistent with access to the Nation’s most closely held secrets and facilitates the very aim of our adversaries, which is to sow division and chaos.” [Source: Fox News]

That’s a pretty stern dressing down from the man himself. You’d think Brennan would learn from this to keep his mouth shut. Nope! He’s appeared on the news and in interviews defying the president. There are suggestions that he might even sue.

But in a recent interview, it appears that Brennan is losing his nerve. While being questioned on MSNBC about his most wild accusations against Trump, the former CIA head was suddenly reluctant. Almost bashful.

He even denied that he openly accused Trump of treason. He blamed his wild rhetoric on his Irish nature. Uh… what?

Wow. I mean, I’m part Irish, and I don’t find myself accusing heads of state of treason.

Does Brennan want us to believe his months of vile slander and hate should be chalked up to his Irish temper? There are plenty of Irish-Americans. They seem to know how to behave themselves. They aren’t spewing all kinds of hate against the POTUS on Twitter.

But now that Brennan finds himself in a sticky situation, he wants to backtrack all his insane comments.

There are plenty of “figures of speech” that you can use to criticize the president. Sure, many Americans love Trump, but that doesn’t mean he’s free of criticism. Yet something tells me that calling him “treasonous” is hardly an effective means of confronting Trump. It sounds more like bogus partisan rhetoric used to divide Americans.

That is something Brennan and the left are very good at.

You have to wonder why now Brennan is backtracking this statement. He just got his security clearance revoked and, by all appearances, he’s willing to fight. If you ask me, he’s got no case. A president has every right to revoke a person’s clearance, and the reasons are pretty sound.

Maybe Brennan’s scared. If he does take his case to court, there is plenty of evidence that he was being way too partisan. Security clearance is useful for a former official, in the event he’s aiding the current administration. I doubt Brennan’s been helping out the current CIA head Mike Pompeo.

If he demands his security clearance back, a judge can easily deny him, thanks to his reckless comments on Twitter. Now, it looks like he’s trying to make it seem like he was only being “emotional.” He’s Irish, after all! Seems like Brennan should just keep his mouth shut before he does more damage to himself.