WATCH: Trey Gowdy Outrages Cop-Hating Liberals With One Tear-Jerking Story

Trey Gowdy (left), Funeral of Deputy Sheriff Kevin Carper (right)

South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy recently outraged cop-hating liberals around the country when he stood in front of Congress during National Police Week and told a shocking story that had him and many other lawmakers fighting back tears. Watch as Gowdy’s words destroy the left’s anti-law enforcement attitude when he drops one very profound truth about police officers.

A video on YouTube of Gowdy’s speech to Congress on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, is causing a tremendous amount of unrest for cop-hating liberals nationwide as he delivered a message that America truly needed to hear. Millions of American patriots are calling for President Donald Trump to make Gowdy the new FBI Director after seeing how the South Carolina Congressman showed such regard for our men and women in uniform.

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Drawing on his years of experience as a prosecutor, Gowdy tells the heartbreaking story of his friend, fallen police officer Kevin Carper of Spartanburg Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina. Trying to watch the video without feeling a knot in your throat or having your eyes tear up is extremely difficult.

“Kevin Carper was a uniformed patrol officer for the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department. He was not a detective, he was not in management, he was just a regular police officer like the ones we see in our towns and cities. And Kevin responded to a domestic violence call,” Gowdy began.

As Gowdy continued to tell officer Carper’s story before the entire House floor, he told of Carper’s testimony in a trial where a man shot and killed his wife before opening fire on police. Carper was one of those policemen. Children were in the couple’s home at the time of the shooting, and one of them was struck with a bullet when Carper and his partner returned fire on the suspect.

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Gowdy described Carper as “tough” and said that when he heard the kids inside screaming, he was more than a police officer — he was a husband and a father. During his testimony in court, Carper was brought to tears, and Gowdy remarked that it was the officer’s genuine response that helped the jury convict the accused. As the trial ended, Gowdy remarked that he didn’t have the opportunity to thank Carper for his sacrifice and commitment but that he was sure he would see his friend at a near time in the future.

Gowdy did see Carper again, laying dead on the side of the road after he was murdered at a routine traffic stop on Tuesday, February 27, 2007. He regretted never having the chance to thank Carper for what he did and honored him in his speech before Congress on Wednesday, according to Young Conservatives.

In 2017 alone, fifty law enforcement officers have been murdered in the line of duty as liberal mainstream media continues to portray cops as being the problem. It’s not that the left doesn’t grasp the concept of the great sacrifices our men and women in uniform make, rather, it is a malicious and conscious decision on their part to fit the progressive agenda. However, whenever someone near and dear to a liberal is in danger, they fully expect law enforcement to get out there and put their lives on the line.

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Congressman Gowdy knows the importance of supporting our law enforcement community as they continue to suffer an unrelenting attack from the left. His tear-jerking testimony about officer Carper truly demonstrates the high regard he has for those who wear the badge. Please remember that although National Police Week is over, it is always a good time to thank a police officer for their service and to support the hard work they do to protect and serve our communities.

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