WATCH: Trey Gowdy Destroys Democrats With 8 Words After They Attack Donald Trump Jr.

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South Carolina’s “bulldog” just destroyed Democrats’ claims against Donald Trump Jr. with eight words after he testified before Congress about his meeting with a Russian operative from Fusion GPS in June 2016. Liberals should be ashamed of themselves after what Trey Gowdy just said.

Donald Trump Jr. (left), Trey Gowdy (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/James Hoft)

According to The Gateway Pundit, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News shortly after Donald Trump Jr. testified before Congress about his meeting with a Russian operative who was linked to Fusion GPS. Trump Jr. was grilled by Congress and the end result was disappointing for Democrats.

During more than seven hours of testimony in Congress on Wednesday, the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., declined to talk about phone calls he had with his father discussing a meeting he had with a Russian lawyer after being promised “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. The Russian lawyer was in contact with Fusion GPS who is responsible for the fraudulent dossier.

Trump Jr. cited attorney-client privilege when the House Intelligence Committee grilled him behind closed doors about the conversation, the committee’s senior Democrat, Representative Adam Schiff of California, leaked to reporters after the session. Lawyers for both the president and his son were present on the call, but Schiff said, “The presence of counsel does not mean communications between father and son are privileged.” He added, “I don’t believe you can shield communications between individuals merely by having an attorney present.”

When it was Gowdy’s turn to talk to the press, it was an entirely different story. When asked if Donald Trump Jr. broke any laws, he replied flatly with, “No, I don’t even think he did anything improper. Different minds can quibble over whether or not you should accept an offer to provide opposition research. Keep in mind the DNC was paying ten million dollars to opposition research on Trump. The only difference is we don’t have an email.”

Then, Gowdy fried Fusion GPS, saying, “Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS reportedly met with this exact same Russian lawyer before and after Donald Trump Jr. did. We just don’t have an email memorializing it.”

When the Fox News anchor tried to claim that Donald Trump Jr. met with his father to discuss the meeting with the Russian lawyer three months later, Gowdy quickly corrected him. “I think it was eleven months later and I think that is a big distinction. The meeting was in June of 2016 and the conversations with his father were in June of 2017 or July of 2017,” Gowdy said.

When asked if he agreed with Democrat Adam Schiff and had a problem with Donald Trump Jr. claiming attorney-client privilege in regard to his conversations with his father, Gowdy replied, “It’s funny, Adam does not have a problem when Democrat witnesses cite privileges. Glen Simpson cited a privilege nobody has ever heard of before. He cited some judge in Alaska for some 1st Amendment privilege that no one’s ever heard of before, and Adam didn’t have a problem with that.”

Gowdy then took Democrats to task over their sickening double standards. “So, what I would ask Adam and all my Democrat colleagues is to apply the same standard to Republican witnesses as you do Democrat witnesses. Maybe then the public would have more confidence in our investigations.” Gowdy got an epic dig in on Schiff next. “Number one, when you leak what happened after you said you wouldn’t and then you mischaracterize it, of course, nobody is going to have confidence in our investigations,” Gowdy said.

I couldn’t agree more with Gowdy. Democrats have an ugly double standard for witnesses, and they don’t care about right versus wrong. They only care about political objectives regardless of how they are achieved. Keep in mind that Donald Trump Jr. wouldn’t be needlessly grilled by Congress or anyone else if our worthless Attorney General Jeff Sessions had done the job President Donald Trump hired him to do. This all goes back to Sessions’ recusing himself, and he should be held responsible.

Sadly, Gowdy’s words aren’t what the liberal mainstream media want the public to hear or know, so make sure you do your part in spreading the truth since we can’t depend on the press to do that either. What a sad state of affairs our country is in — but we should have figured as much when the Washington, D.C., elite took issue with a man wanting to “make America great again.” That should be a sentiment we can all get behind, but for some reason, that sounds like a bad idea to the left. Unbelievable.

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