Triple Homicide In Oklahoma, Here’s What The Liberal Media Isn’t Saying

Sheriff’s Deputies stand outside a home where an attempted robbery occurred in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Liberals will lose their tolerant minds when they see what one young man used to defend his father’s home from a burglary in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This isn’t your typical triple homicide, and liberals are strangely quiet about the details of these deaths.

The mouths of liberals constantly spew misinformation on crime stats in an effort to demean self-defense and guns. They often forget that some mass homicides are committed using weapons other than guns too. However, what they never talk about are those who defend themselves and refuse to become the victim, making the criminals succumb to karmic justice instead. Eventually, crime will be obsolete if the good fight back – another factual thorn in the sides of anti-gun leftists.

Broken Arrow appears to be the town that will eventually show liberals that their hypocrisy and idiocy surrounding guns and the laws to control them are asinine. According to FOX News, Wagoner County sheriff’s deputies were called to a home in Broken Arrow, southeast of Tulsa, at around 12:30 p.m. local time yesterday in response to an attempted robbery, but it wasn’t to write a report detailing the theft of items or a hurt victim. The cops said three men, who showed up at the home with a desire to rob it, were all found dead on the property. Two had died in the house and another was found in the driveway, also dead.

When the burglars entered the home, they encountered the homeowner’s 19-year-old son who had words with all three thugs before deciding to defend himself. Sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Nick Mahoney said that the suspects entered the home through a glass back door with the intent to burglarize it. It was not immediately clear why they picked that home, but they had obviously chosen the wrong one because these victims were armed and knew how to defend themselves.

Sheriff’s deputies stand outside the home where three attempted robbers faced karmic justice for trying to rob the wrong house.

The residents weren’t armed with just any old weapon either. Using an AR-15 rifle, the one that liberals declare isn’t used for self-defense, the good guy with the gun was able to protect his life and property from three felons. Mahoney said that the shootings were all in self-defense, complying with the “stand your ground” law, which allows citizens to defend themselves and their property. The would-be victims are alive and uninjured thanks to the weapon liberals want to ban because it “looks scary.” In several other states, defending oneself with this kind of a gun would have seen the victims behind bars for owning something the left dislikes and banned.

According to Tulsa World, Mahoney said that the authorities have a 21-year-old female in custody who turned herself in at the Broken Arrow Police Department. She is claiming, “She drove the individuals to the house to burglarize it,” he explained. The young woman is lucky she didn’t attempt to actually rob the place, or karma would have been swift.

Surely, there are bleeding heart liberals saying that these three felons shouldn’t have been killed as they cringe about the use of the dreaded AR-15, but they seem to forget that these thugs could have easily had the upper hand. They outnumbered the victims. Protecting property and the lives on that property are two of the many reasons for the Second Amendment.

Mahoney did clarify that one of the assailants had brass knuckles on him and another was armed with a knife. Luckily, the intended victims brought a gun to a fist fight that they would have otherwise lost. Either way, cops would have very likely been investigating a homicide. Luckily, this one was justified.

Liberals pretend to be geniuses when it comes to guns that they have likely never fired and probably have never even held. They like to stand on soap boxes and preach about what items the rest of us should or should not be allowed to own to protect ourselves. However, guns do protect us, and there are good guys with guns, thanks to the 2nd Amendment.

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