Trump Reveals Truth About 2 Migrant Kids Who Died — Puts Blame Where It Belongs

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In recent weeks, the liberal media has had a field day over the deaths of two migrant children. While in the custody of our border officials, they died. Democrats are trying to pin these deaths on President Donald Trump. Now, Trump has revealed the truth of the matter.

The migrant caravans have lead to numerous problems at the Southern border. (Photo Credit:

The Democrats don’t really care about the border, immigrants, or helping the United States. During Barack Obama’s time in office, we saw how liberals used the Southern border to their advantage.

After years of opposing illegal immigration in order to help unions, Democrats now welcome outsiders with open arms. Obama implemented policies like “catch and release” which essentially lets apprehended illegals go free.

Democrats across the country have imposed sanctuary laws to put criminal aliens ahead of Americans.

Today, they oppose any kind of enforcement of the Southern border, hoping anyone who wants to enter illegally can.

The Trump administration is working feverishly to enforce our border. While the wall is yet to be built, Border Patrol is working overtime to stem the tide of illegal entries. Matters became considerably worse in recent months when thousands of migrants marched across Mexico to storm our border.

The fallout of the migrant caravans is still being felt. Many of them wait in Mexico, demanding asylum in the United States. Recently, two children died while being processed by U.S. Customs. The liberal media put all the blame on our government and the president. They ignored the truth: that these children died because their parents recklessly dragged them across an entire continent.

Democrats continue to make a big deal about the deaths. President Trump took to Twitter to announce who is really at fault.

President Donald Trump sounded off on the Democratic Party on Saturday over the deaths of two migrant children who recently died in U.S. Custody, arguing that if U.S. immigration policies were stronger, the migrants would never have ended up in such an awful position.

Trump’s remarks come after an 8-year-old Guatemalan boy named Felipe Gomez Alonzo was taken to the hospital by officials after they noticed he was sick, and was discharged after being prescribed medications to treat cold-like symptoms. Officials later noticed that the boy’s condition was worsening, at which point a man claiming to be the boy’s father refused additional medical treatment, but was overruled by U.S. officials who rushed the boy to the hospital where he later died…

Trump’s tweets come as the government is currently shut down over Senate Democrats’ unwillingness to fund the president’s proposed border wall. [Source: The Daily Wire]

It’s natural to be saddened to hear that children died. But the media tries to use these events to manipulate the public.

Why did these children die? Is it because U.S. Customs mistreated them or denied them help? Of course not. We know for a fact that our government was in the process of treating these sick children. They died while our people were trying to save their lives.

The fact that they were sick was not the fault of our government agents, who are tasked with protecting Americans.

The blame falls on the parents who thought they could drag their children across Mexico with no food, water, or protection. But why did those parents do that? Because Democrats in the U.S. have all but rolled out the red carpet for outsiders.

Democrats have encouraged people to enter illegally, thanks to their sanctuary laws, free government handouts, and lax immigration policies. Their continued refusal to build the wall invites more parents to irresponsibly take their children on these perilous journeys.

If Democrats were willing to work with Trump and get the wall built, these episodes would never occur. Illegal immigration would be brought to a standstill. People who want to come to America will have to do so legally. There will be no more stories about children dying as they cross deserts and wilderness.

But it seems like Democrats want more of those stories. They don’t care about the well-being of Americans or illegal immigrants. They’d rather have children die, so they can push their political agenda.

There are no words for that kind of evil.

The mainstream media probably won’t report on Trump’s comments. Only if we spread the word, will Americans learn the truth.