Trump Just Slapped 4,800 Entitled Muslim Migrants With Unexpected Surprise

Trump Just Slapped 4,800 Entitled Muslim Migrants With Unexpected Surprise
Although liberals blocked President Donald Trump’s travel bans, their efforts won’t help more than 4,800 illegal Somali migrants escape justice. (Photo source: Voice of America, Politico)

As liberals continue to hinder President Donald Trump’s executive orders, welfare-leeching asylum seekers believed they were free to take advantage of America’s generosity. However, just as a group of 4,000 migrants grew comfortable imposing their particular religious demands, they received an unexpected surprise via Trump.

When reports broke of Trump returning a group of newly arrived Somali migrants in accordance with his latest travel ban, leftists threw one of their infamous tantrums, urging liberal politicians to block the U.S. President at every turn. Twice, the left has effectively prevented Trump from invoking a temporary ban on a small percentage of terror-prone Muslim countries, directly resulting in a flood of un-vettable migrant criminals flocking to our nation. Unfortunately for them, they mistakenly believed that blocking Trump’s travel bans would secure the migrants’ stay for good.

Although the travel bans have been stifled, the Trump administration has countered the blocks by ordering the mass deportation of 4,801 Somali Muslim migrant criminals, Somalia’s U.S. Ambassador Ahmed Isse Awad said on Saturday. Already, at least 237 Somali migrants whose asylum applications were denied have been extradited to Mogadishu, and more are expected to be sent back within the upcoming months, U.S. ICE spokesman Brendan Raedy told Newsweek.

“We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000,” Awad told Voice of America. “Most of them are not in detention centers.”

Some of the Somalis who’ve been scheduled for deportation are currently held in prisons and detention centers, Voice of America reports. The mainstream media won’t report that these failed asylum seekers were denied refuge because of dangerous criminal activity and lying about or omitting implicative information on their applications.

Of course, Somali President Mohamed Adbullahi Farmajo, whose disdain for Trump is well-known, has expressed his condemnation for such measures. However, he refuses to acknowledge that the Islamic takeover of his country has led it to repeatedly make the list of the most dangerous countries in the world.

“It is part of my responsibility to talk about this issue with the U.S. government by conveying our message to the president and his government that the Somali people are really good, hard working people,” Farmajo said. “They raise their families in the United States. So we will see if he can change that policy and exclude Somalis from that list.”

As expected, liberal activists are melting down. In fact, executive director of the International Institute of Minnesota Jane Graupman is concerned that Trump’s policies are resulting in the Somali migrant flood ebbing.

“We have people coming here every day saying, ‘What’s happening? Is the refugee program closing down?,” says Graupman. “It’s just up and down—it starts, then there’s an executive order and it stops, and then it starts again.”

Perhaps the most easily identifiable effects of Somali immigration, particular, lie in Minnesota, where large numbers of Somali migrants have built Islamic communities. With at least 40,000 Somalis in the state, Minnesota has seen a disproportionate increase in terror recruiting for Islamic terrorist groups since 2007. In addition, dozens of Muslims have left the state to join ISIS with roughly a dozen fleeing to Syria alone.

Disturbingly, even neighboring Kenya doesn’t want Somali Muslims fleeing to their nation. In 2016, the Kenyan government was met with protests by the UN after it ordered the closing of the refugee camps near the Somali border. More than 250,000 Somalis were scheduled for deportation before the Kenya High Court ruled that it was unconstitutional and discriminatory.

While Somali is a particularly dangerous country, it is not war-torn as activists would have us believe. Although the country has been steadily gaining control over terrorist group Al-Shabaab, it suffers another kind of threat. Sharia law is being implemented thanks to the country’s Muslim population, making it a brutal, oppressive country to compete with those in the Middle East.

The U.S. should not be taking in those who despise our freedoms, laws, and diversity. These Muslim countries that are producing the most refugees not only lack all of the values we embody but punish them with extreme legal bias. The deportation of 4,000 Somali migrants might just be a small dent in the overall Islamic community, but it is definitely a step on the right track to salvage the liberties that make our country great.

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