Trump Abandons Security Detail, Rushes To Crowd — What He Does Next Has Liberals Fuming

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While gathered around Marine One, bystanders were shocked when President Donald Trump abruptly broke ranks with his Secret Service detail and rushed over to the crowd. What he did next has hateful liberals outraged.

Trump Abandons Security Detail, Rushes To Crowd — What He Does Next Has Liberals Fuming
Onlookers were taken aback when President Donald Trump rushed away from his security detail for an unplanned stop during his visit to Bethpage, New York, to discuss tougher immigration laws. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Due to all-consuming hatred of President Donald Trump, the political left has made it their mission to oppose and sabotage his every effort, regardless of their stance on the issue at hand. In fact, the left’s disgust is so potent that they are willing to attack the Commander-in-Chief in defense of one of the continents most barbaric gangs, as they proved through their willingness to decry Trump’s labeling of MS-13 gang members as “animals.” So, it’s no surprise when the same perpetually outraged liberals found it just as appalling as the president’s most recent actions in Bethpage, New York.

While walking en route to Marine One to address the issue of MS-13, President Trump surprised onlookers when he unexpectedly broke ranks with his Secret Service detail and jogged over to a group of police officers in order to shake their hands and thank them for their service. Assistant to the President Dan Scavino Jr. uploaded a video of Trump excitedly expressing gratitude and saluting the assembly of law enforcement officials, captioning the post “@POTUS @realDonaldTrump loves our law enforcement officers all around the country.”

Trump reportedly delayed Marine One’s takeoff for a few moments in order to greet not only local police officers but also a gathering of Bethpage firefighters. He later took to Twitter to personally thank all of Bethpage’s emergency first responders, posting a series of images in which he is seen posing and conversing with law enforcement officials and firefighters.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted a photo of President Donald Trump posing and giving a “thumbs up” alongside uniformed firefighters, adding that, “as the granddaughter of a firefighter,” she is particularly proud to serve under a leader who supports first responders.

Although thanking the men and women who willingly risk their own lives to save others on a daily basis would seem like a sentiment we could all unite behind, bitter leftists inundated the president’s social media posts with vitriolic rhetoric, accusing him of exploiting the very law enforcement officials they claim to be racist and inherently violent.

President Trump arrived at the hub of the MS-13 gang killings on Wednesday for the purpose of proposing tougher immigration laws and securing the borders, according to The New York Times. Robert Mickens and his wife, whose daughter, Nisa, was killed by members of the gang in 2016, and Lourdes Banegas, who son, Michael Lopez, was killed by the gang in April, praised Trump’s efforts while simultaneously criticizing the left for playing dangerous identity politics.

“America is based off immigration. Everybody who came here wanted the American dream,” said Mr. Mickens, whose daughter, Nisa Mickens, was killed in 2016. “The American dream is still there. But if you’re going to come here with acts of violence, you can stay in your own country with that, because we don’t need it here anymore.”

“Those that killed my son are animals. That’s true,” Ms. Banegas said. “They deserve to be deported. But since they are Latinos, and we are all also Latinos, they clump us all in together. That’s the problem.”

Carlos Lopez, Michael’s father, said he agreed with Mr. Trump’s call for a crackdown on the gang. Otherwise, he said, “there is going to be dead body, after dead body, after dead body, the way they found my son.”

The left is so focused on “resisting” President Donald Trump that they are neglecting their own voters. Dividing individuals based on an infinite number of personality traits and promoting tribalism instead of highlighting their common goals is causing many to abandon the left in favor of Trump, causing the Democrats’ plan to backfire.

Americans are watching the left’s utter hostility toward something as pure and simple as Trump honoring our emergency service members, and they’re realizing just how damaging their policies are to our country.

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