After Trump Addressed the Nation, CNN’s Acosta Tells “Out-of-Place” Joke

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After weeks of an ongoing government shutdown, President Donald Trump addressed the nation. In a short, 9-minute speech, he took his agenda for a Southern border wall to the American people. Soon after, the fake news was in full effect. CNN’s Jim Acosta was perhaps the biggest critic, giving the president’s speech a bizarre description.

CNN’s Jim Acosta wasted no time in trying to spin President Donald Trump’s speech. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)

Since his campaign, Donald Trump has vowed to build a wall along our Southern border. Millions of Americans have rallied around this promise. Far too many lives have been hurt by rampant, unchecked migration. A permanent barrier along the border is a sure way to end this crisis.

In recent months, the situation has only gotten worse. Caravans of migrants from South America marched through Mexico, just to demand entry into the United States. Flouting all immigration laws and standards, these groups of tens of thousands expected to be welcomed with open arms.

While the United States has taken drastic measures to ensure these caravans don’t overrun our border, many of them still remain. Hundreds try to force their way into the country, our laws be damned. It is the clearest sign yet that we need a wall to prevent illegal entry.

The only thing standing in the way are corrupt Democrats. We know why they don’t want the wall. They have exploited illegal aliens for years. Building a wall would cripple their chances at stealing future elections. They’ve even allowed the government to shut down — hurting countless Americans.

Last night, President Trump addressed the nation. He laid out the drastic situation at our Southern ports of entry. He clearly explained the massive threat unchecked illegal entry poses to our country. Mentioning the drug trade, human smuggling, sex trafficking, and other crimes, Trump made it clear that serious measures must be taken to end this epidemic.

Soon after his speech, the pundits on cable news went to work. Perhaps the most bizarre and unfactual responses came from non-other than CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Acosta, who was scolded by Kellyanne Conway earlier in the day, appeared after a subdued panel discussion led by Chris Cuomo and kicked things off with an out-of-place joke.

“That address probably should have come with a surgeon general’s warning, it was hazardous to the truth,” Acosta said, prompting an uncomfortable smirk from Cuomo.

“There were a number of claims that the president made in that speech that are just not going to the facts,” he continued. One of them being, this thing that he said over and over again that the new trade deal with Mexico is going to somehow pay for the wall.”

Acosta then noted that he’d expected the address to be “recycled rhetoric.” [Source: Fox News]

Uh, “hazardous to the truth”? Wow, now here’s a guy who’s out of touch with reality! For years, we’ve watched as CNN and Acosta have distorted the truth to push their agenda. The fake news outlet lies on a daily basis to attack the president, slander his supporters, and portray decent Americans as racist, uneducated, or violent.

It’s obvious Acosta prepared his remarks before Trump even gave his speech. Acosta even admitted he was expecting the address to have “recycled rhetoric.” Did he even bother to listen to it? Or was he just working off his own slighted talking points?

Jim Acosta was very inaccurate with his remarks, and Chris Cuomo had to correct him.

Cuomo, brother of the Democratic governor of New York, reminded Acosta that Democrats “have financed steel barriers” in the past.

“It’s amazing how everyone is trying to forget the history here,” Cuomo said. [Source: Fox News]

It’s shocking to see Cuomo being even remotely accurate. But that’s how far the media has fallen. It’s rare and surprising to see a CNN host speak truthfully.

The president’s speech was one of the most accurate and direct comments about our need for the wall. He made a compelling case about why illegal immigration is not just harming Americans, but the many people who try to cross our border.

The Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on. Even the most vocal of critics have to invent bogus comments, just to make Trump look bad. And they wonder why Trump supporters chant “CNN sucks.”