Trump Gets Amazing News From Alabama Conservatives, Career Politicians Panic

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Although President Donald Trump won overwhelming support from conservatives across the country during the 2016 election, the GOP establishment has consistently failed to get the message. Traitorous RINOs like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan have done all they can to stop Trump’s legislative agenda. However, a clear message from Alabama conservatives is making the back-stabbers tremble in fear.

Trump Receives Amazing News from Alabama Conservatives, RINOs Will be Wringing Their Hands!
A new poll of GOP voters provides good news for President Donald Trump (left), while RINOs like John McCain (right) will be sorely disappointed. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Youtube/Compiler Revolt, Screengrab/Youtube/ABC News Australia)

As Breitbart reports, a new poll of the upcoming GOP primary runoff in Alabama shows Pro-Trump candidate Roy Moore with a huge double-digit lead over McConnell-backed establishment candidate Luther Strange. This is big!

The poll was conducted by the firm Southeast Research and sampled 401 likely voters in a survey whose margin of error is only 5 percent. Dr. Jerry Ingram, who carried out the poll, has conducted hundreds of polls for Alabama political races throughout the years.

According to the data, Moore leads Strange by 16 points — 52 percent to 36 percent. The two Republicans are locked in a battle over the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions when he left to become President Trump’s Attorney General. Strange is the sitting senator, appointed to the seat by Alabama’s governor. But, the incumbent is on the ropes.

The numbers are extremely good for Moore, a former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. His hard-line, pro-Trump conservatism is winning over the Republican base. The poll shows that Moore has the support of 54 percent of evangelicals and 58 percent of conservatives.

Meanwhile, Strange is only popular with “moderates.” Although he’s tried to paint himself as a Trump supporter, he’s been staunchly against the America First agenda. Unlike Strange, Moore has backed the Trump-endorsed RAISE Act, a bill sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA) that would drastically reduce legal immigration in order to raise American wages.

Moore has also called for Congress to change the Senate filibuster rule that has stalled much of the Trump legislative agenda. Strange, on the other hand, has consistently sided with Democrats in defending the current situation of Congressional inaction.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is behind Luther Strange. You can be sure Strange would continue his good friend’s legacy of telling Republican voters one thing while siding with the Democrats on all major issues once in office.

Although President Trump endorsed Strange (likely in an attempt to win McConnell’s support in the Senate), he has backed away from openly supporting the senator as poll after poll tells the same story: Luther Strange is on the road to defeat.

Moore’s potential upset victory is only the latest in a long series of wake-up calls to GOP insiders. Although they don’t want to believe it, the tide is turning against “moderate” establishment Republicans who live to please Democrats and the mainstream media.

Trump’s victory should have been evidence enough that conservatives have rejected John McCain and Mitt Romney’s brand of Republican. Now, there’s Roy Moore leading in Alabama. In Arizona, Trump-supporter Kelly Ward is leading establishment incumbent Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and in Michigan, Trump-aligned musician and political outsider Kid Rock is leading other Republican contenders.

The 2018 primaries will be a slaughter of the establishment. Trump’s brand of America First conservatism is the future of the Republican Party.