Trump Breaks His Silence About Alabama Senate Race, Warns Of A Looming ‘Disaster’

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It’s rare that President Donald Trump refuses to comment on an issue. However, one particular news story has stayed off his radar for several weeks. That all ended this Thanksgiving weekend when he used his Twitter account to fire with both barrels.

Trump once again used Twitter to lay out the facts in the Alabama Senate race. (Photo Credit: Open minded in Alabama/Flickr/NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Earlier in the year, President Trump was involved in the Alabama Senate race to replace Jeff Sessions. He backed Republican Luther Strange who was vying for the seat against fellow conservative, Judge Roy Moore.

Judge Moore is an icon in the state. Once he won against Strange, the President stayed relatively silent. In the early weeks of November, as Trump traveled across Asia, news broke that several women accused Moore of inappropriate conduct. The media went all in on the story, attacking the man in an attempt to discredit his reputation and, of course, destroy his chances at clinching the Senate seat.

Late last week, Trump offered his opinion on the matter, suggesting the allegations against Moore were questionable. Now, this morning, he spoke openly about what would happen if Moore’s opponent would win the seat. As you would expect, he didn’t mince words.

President Donald Trump is again coming to the side of embattled Republican Roy Moore by bashing the Democratic nominee in the hotly contested Alabama Senate race.

Trump tweets “the last thing we need” in Alabama and the Senate is a “puppet” of the Democratic congressional leadership. Trump contends Democrat Doug Jones — a former prosecutor — is “WEAK” on crime and border security, and “BAD” for the military, veterans, gun rights. Trump claims Jones is itching to raise taxes “TO THE SKY” and would be “a disaster.” [Source: Breitbart]

When you consider Doug Jones’ record, it’s hard not to think the accusations against Moore are flimsy. Doug Jones is a hard-liner liberal. This is especially true in the area of abortion.

Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones holds extreme views on abortion that are not in tune with the pro-life state of Alabama, but he’s apparently working to soften them.

In a recent interview with, Jones walked back his prior comments on abortion in which he refused any restrictions on abortion up until the baby’s day of birth. Now, however, Jones says he wants to “be clear” about his stance on abortion…

When [Chuck] Todd asked him if he would not support legislation that banned late-term abortions, Jones added:

I’m not in favor of anything that is going to infringe on a woman’s right and her freedom to choose. That’s just the position that I’ve had for many years. It’s a position I continue to have. [Source: Breitbart]

It’s hard to believe a man like that would be able to beat a strong, uncompromising conservative like Roy Moore. So, it’s very likely these allegations were fabricated in order to give this extremely liberal Jones a fighting chance in deeply conservative Alabama. It’s not the first time Democrats would try to cheat to win an election.

Trump’s comments, though, put the race into perspective. Jones is a liberal Democrat, one of the many that are ruining America. After so many losses, they still cling to the toxic politics that have driven them to the brink of destruction. Doug Jones will continue to push terrible policy in the U.S. Senate, not to mention obstruct Trump’s plans to make America great again.

What do you think? Are you from Alabama and are you considering your options? Do you support Moore or Jones? Be sure to let us know. But, more importantly, be sure to share this so Alabamians know what kind of disaster is looming on the horizon if Jones wins.