Trump’s Approval SOARS After Stormy Daniels Is CAUGHT Offering To Do SICK Thing

CBS was hoping to damage President Donald Trump with their Stormy Daniels interview, but it was such a bust that even a hardcore leftist like Whoopi Goldberg was disappointed. The porn star is out for a big payday, trying to cash in on her alleged one night stand with the president, which she claims happened 12 years ago. Well, Trump’s approval ratings are soaring after a desperate Daniels was caught offering to do one sick thing that backfired on her big time.

President Donald Trump (left), Stormy Daniels (middle & right) (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Joe Raedle/Getty Images, Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The liberal media is enemy number one for President Donald Trump, and all we have to do for evidence of this is look at how low CBS went with the Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes. If all of the men and women who accused Barack Obama of having illicit affairs were interviewed on Fox News, the Democrats would be up in arms.

Rightly so, some allegations aren’t made for primetime television and should stay in the tabloids, where they belong. Bill Clinton had credible accusers, who were stating that he sexually abused them, but still, his alleged victims, like Juanita Broaddrick, weren’t even given one minute on 60 Minutes. So, when CBS went into the gutter with a porn star, did they really think it would affect Trump’s ratings?

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Well, the liberal media and Stormy Daniels just got bad news. The Daily Wire reports, “According to a new Harvard CAP/Harris Poll highlighted by The Hill, the Stormy Daniels affair mania’s impact on Trump’s poll numbers has been a measly 1 point from last month, his overall approval down from 45% to 44%. But even that slight dip is a little misleading; the study found Trump’s numbers up 3 points since December.”

When the pollsters dug a little deeper, they found that while the “Stormy Effect” appears to have hurt Trump among women, it actually helped him among men. Trump’s support among women over the last month dropped 6 points from 41% to 35%; during the same time, however, support among men rose 3 points from 50% to 53%.

Even though CBS’s interview had a large audience, the outcome was dismal. But, that’s not stopping Stormy and her slimeball attorney Michael Avenatti. The aging porn star has been trying to cash in on Trump’s name by taking her act to strip clubs across the country.

In March, she was at Solid Gold in Pompano Beach, Florida, being introduced as the woman who spent a night with Trump. Daily Mail reports, “Stormy Daniels has displayed her assets in a turn around the stripper’s pole, just days after suing President Donald Trump in an effort to toss her non-disclosure agreement.”

They add, “Daniels, 38, performed on Friday night at the Solid Gold strip club in Pompano Beach, Florida, hours after her attorney Michael Avenatti appeared on CNN to bash claims from the Trump camp.” So, as you can see, this sick act of stripping while having the dirtbag attorney on CNN was the game plan to crash Trump’s support.

But, these sickos are desperate now that the liberal media interviews are over, and Trump’s numbers are soaring among men. Their campaign of smut didn’t work on Americans, so now, Daniels and her attorney are offering something disgusting, even by their standards, so be warned, this is sick.

Entertainment Weekly reports, “Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti went on Megyn Kelly Today and made several bold statements about their ongoing battle with President Donald Trump concerning his alleged 2006 affair with the adult film star.”

The report goes on, “First, Avenatti declared that Daniels can describe Trump’s genitals ‘in detail,’ and even tried to do so when she appeared on CBS News’ 60 Minutes.”

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“60 Minutes and CBS, as you know, they are a conservative network,” Avenatti said. “I mean there is a lot of information that was said during that interview that did not make it into the final 60 Minutes. They [60 Minutes] play it very close to the vest. For instance, she can describe the President’s genitalia in great detail. That did not make it.”

Well, if you’re like most people who learned about this sickos offer, the thought is “no thank-you.” Some Americans highly doubted the porn star’s story, and for good reason. “Describing someone’s ‘genitalia in great detail’ after being with him once and having probably seen hundreds of other genitalia in her line of work is a damn superpower,” tweeted Aaron Blake.

The more we see of Daniels and her slimy attorney, the more people are doubting her entire Trump story. What she and the leftist losers are finding out is that, in 2018, Americans couldn’t care less about her alleged one night stand.

Trump’s approval ratings are soaring, and according to another poll out today, the president’s rating is better than Obama’s was at this same time in his presidency. “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance,” reports Rasmussen.

He is up one percent from yesterday, when he tweeted, “Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50%, which is higher than Cheatin’ Obama at the same time in his Administration.”

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The liberal media and the Democrats better go back to the drawing board. The Stormy Daniels debacle is over, and once again, you can’t distract the American people from what we know this country needs. We don’t need aging porn stars or the gossip police reporting a story where there is no evidence.

We are worried about jobs, illegal immigration, and our Second Amendment rights. That’s why President Trump’s approval is at 51% and going up. He is doing the very best he can, making Ameria great again. We can’t afford to go back to the Obama era with no jobs, soaring unemployment, and attacks that claim we are all racists. So, goodbye to Stormy and her sicko attorney, it’s a joke to think the liberal media thought they had the big boom that would take down Trump.

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