Trump Insider Warns Of Known Assassination Plot Just As Obama Is Caught In Secret Meeting

Barack Obama (right), President Donald Trump (left) (Photo credit: YouTube screengrab, YouTube screengrab)

President Donald Trump is facing some of the most important months of his presidency, which the Democrats have thwarted every step of the way like no one has ever seen before on Capitol Hill. A trusted Trump insider has just warned of a real and present danger to our president that is shocking the most seasoned journalists just as we learn that Obama was caught in a secret meeting, and the agenda for that meeting will blow you away.

H.R. McMaster has been under fire after it was discovered that he was firing Trump loyalists from the National Security Council. One of those loyalists, Rich Higgins, penned a memo that has been leaked, and it was meant to warn Trump of a possible coming assassination plot if the deep state is not successful in removing him from office.

Higgins is well respected and an expert on the Middle East, Cultural Marxism, and Islam. “Richard Higgins ran the Pentagon’s Combatting Terrorism and Technical Support Office before joining the President’s National Security team. From UTT’s [Understanding the Threat] perspective, Higgins was the most knowledgeable and strategically savvy man inside the national security apparatus with regards to the Islamic Movement and its marriage to the hard-left Marxist Movement,” reported Counter Jihad.

The firing of Higgins by McMaster sent shockwaves throughout the Trump loyalists in the administration, and now, we have his memo, and boy, is it troubling. After outlining in detail the very real dangers Trump faces from the leftists who are in cahoots with the Islamists, Higgins’ conclusion ascertains Trump’s situation and his foes are eerily similar to Abraham Lincoln’s, who we know ended up assassinated.

Higgin warns, “The recent turn of events give rise to the observation that the defense of President Trump is the defense of America. In the same way, President Lincoln was surrounded by political opposition both inside and outside of his wire, in both overt and covert forms, so too is President Trump. Had Lincoln failed, so too would have the Republic.”

Higgins also noted, “Globalists and Islamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an ideal and as a national and political identity, must be destroyed.” Higgins states the defense of Trump is the same as defending America, so when he says globalists and Islamists are out to destroy America, destroying Trump would seem far easier for them, and if successful, they destroy America at the same time.

Higgins memo is written as a sort of thesis to protect him from certain entities like McMaster, who he was working for when it was written back in May. It was his attempt to warn anyone who would listen, and that’s when McMaster knew Higgins would have to be fired.

As we reported prior, McMaster is in deep with Islamists and George Soros backed organizations. Let’s be clear, to Higgins, those dangers that amassed around Lincoln are now amassed around Trump in kind. This brings us to Barack Obama, who is back from vacation and plotting his next political move. It was reported that Obama is in secret meetings with his aides, and he intends on returning to the center stage this fall in what can only be seen as a showdown with Trump.

“Former President Barack Obama will re-emerge on the national scene this fall, though Democrats expect him to do so with caution. One aide describes the beginning of a ‘delicate dance’ that aims to put Obama in the Democratic fray. [Aides are huddling with Obama] to plot out what shape the former president’s fall schedule will take. Advisers close to him say that he will play an active role in helping his party rebuild,” reports The Hill.

So, just as we learn of the dire situation facing President Trump, we have Barack Obama about to formally get back in the mix. Nothing happens in the Washington, D.C., swamp by accident, and Obama’s plans are way out of bounds for what former presidents usually do. It’s convenient that Obama will be there, at center stage, in the case of a Trump disaster.

Former Breitbart investigative reporter Lee Stranahan, who has been warning about the danger to Trump, has been openly critical of McMaster, and he says he was “blown away by the Higgins memo.” He is leading the #FireMcMaster campaign on Twitter. The more this evil is brought out into the light, the less chance it has of any success. Patriots must pray for the president and do all they can in exposing the rats in D.C. to make sure evil doesn’t win.

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