Days After ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon, Muslim Mayor Learns Consequences Of Mocking POTUS

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Days after allowing the vulgar “Trump baby” balloon to fly during the U.S. President’s visit to London, Mayor Sadiq Khan just landed himself into a political nightmare.

Days After 'Trump Baby' Balloon, Muslim Mayor Learns Consequences Of Mocking POTUS
After justifying the flying of a vulgar “Trump baby” balloon during President Donald Trump’s (right) UK visit, London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan (left) just learned the consequences of mocking such a beloved right-wing figure. (Photo Credit: YouTube, WIN MCNAMEE/AFP/Getty Images)

In response to President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, thousands of British leftists gathered to oppose his leadership the only way they know how — by ineffectively barking out explicit slogans and childishly ridiculing him with impudent caricatures. While their right to do so was respected by Trump supporters, many on both sides believe a line was crossed when London Mayor Sadiq Khan biasedly stepped in to directly support condemning the UK’s most critical ally.

As London’s first Muslim mayor, Khan expressed his desire to join in the crass anti-Trump demonstration, delightedly approving of a 20-foot “Trump baby” blimp to deride the U.S. President during his stay. Ironically, anti-hate speech mayor justified his encouragement of the garish display as a demonstration of the people’s right to express themselves. Unfortunately for Khan, he never expected that his plan would eventually blow up in his face.

Just days after happily allowing and promoting the crude “Trump baby” blimp to be raised over the British capital, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been pushed into approving a “Khan baby” balloon after he was forced to practice what he preaches. According to the Express, Khan was successfully pressured to give the green light for a massive balloon mocking him to fly above his city in order to not appear hypocritical after justifying the Trump balloon by claiming he would defend “the right to protest.”

Khan likely thought that the caricature blimp of himself wouldn’t be an issue, as it required approval by the Greater London Authority (GLA) first. However, he was soon forced to confront his own protesters when more than 16,000 people petitioned the GLA, which granted authorization for the satirical blimp.

Yanni Bruere, the man behind the initiative, told talkRADIO: “I was pretty irritated with Sadiq Khan and his willingness to insult the most powerful man in the Western world. This is someone who is a friend of Britain, who is half-British himself. Two can play at that game, if they can do it, then we can.”

Bruere easily surpassed his financial goal, raising nearly $75,000 in just a few days. Thanks to the surprising support, Bruere has vowed to not only end the crowdfunding campaign far earlier than expected, he also promises a “bigger” balloon than Khan’s 20-foot “Trump baby” blimp.

The more money we raise the BIGGER the balloon and it won’t just be a balloon that Mr. Khan has to contend with, the whole of London will see the BIGGEST takeover in it’s history. We won’t stop til’ Khan’s gone and Londoners feel safe again!!

Bruere maintains that unlike the anti-Trump protest, which focused mainly on vitriol toward the U.S. President, the upcoming demonstration intends to put pressure on Khan to ebb the skyrocketing crime rate that continues to grow since his election.

He continued: “What we’re going to be doing an event in August called Make London Safe Again. It will be a demonstration to make London Safe Again and put real pressure on Sadiq Khan to make London feel safer again. It will be going to good causes and it will be going to other events.”

The crimes to which Bruere is referring includes a total of nearly 1,300 stabbings in London since the beginning of 2018, which is a whopping 23-percent rise. Along with an increase in Islamic terror attacks, London has become the “acid attack capital of the world” thanks to the massive influx of Muslim migrants.

Although Khan excused his support for the anti-Trump protest by citing Britons’ “right to protest, the right to free speech and the right to express our views,” the Muslim mayor has sunk endless taxpayer funds and security resources into cracking down on “hate speech.” In fact, Khan’s hypocrisy peaked when he rejected the idea that speech should be infringed just because “somebody may be offended,” all the while wielding the police to suppress his own citizens’ right to criticize Islam.

“Can you imagine the founding fathers in the USA saying we are going to curtail our rights to free speech in case somebody may be offended?” Khan was quoted as saying.

Sadiq Khan is more concerned with safeguarding the hair-trigger sensibilities of the intolerant left in the name of the “free speech” than actually protecting his own citizens from violent crime. Fortunately, he’s being held to his own standards, and, in the name of freedom, “Khan baby” will fly.

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