Trump Fires Back at Beer-Chugging Warren — Destroys Her Chances for 2020

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has tried to elevate her profile in recent months. It seems like she’s making a bid for the White House in 2020. For some reason, the liberal lawmaker live-streamed herself chugging a beer. President Donald Trump decided to embarrass the embattled Democrat, torching her in two tweets.

President Donald Trump trolls Elizabeth Warren’s beer-chugging live stream. (Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The government shutdown drags on. As frustrating as it is, you might be asking why? Why can’t the Democrats simply agree to a little bit of border wall funding, in order to reopen the government? The vast majority of government workers are Democrats anyway, right?

It’s all about 2020. The next presidential election is just a year away. Later this year, the Democrats will be starting up their primary campaigning. Everything they are doing now is to build momentum to steal the White House from Donald Trump.

That’s why they won’t agree to the border wall — because it will give him another win and make them look weak.

But there are other ways Democrats are destroying their chances for a 2020 victory. Mostly, the potential candidates are doing their darnedest to make sure no voter will pick them. That includes desperate-for-attention Elizabeth Warren.

You probably remember when Warren took Trump’s bait and got her DNA checked. Turns out, the white lady who has been claiming to be an American Indian for decades had less Native DNA than most white people. That entire stunt blew up in her face, ending with a harsh rebuke from the official Cherokee Nation.

You’d think someone would learn from that and just stay quiet. Nope! Warren continued to find ways to embrace herself by announcing she was exploring a bid to run for president in 2020.

It sounds crazy to conservatives, but the Democrats have a really weak bench. They don’t have any stars to put forward.

Warren may have single-handedly ruined her chances when she hosted a live video stream from her home. During the session, she chugged a beer before thousands of viewers. A pretty odd way of connecting with voters and instilling confidence, if you ask me.

President Trump didn’t let this little moment go away. He took to Twitter to mock Warren, letting her know what she should have done.

Trump isn’t letting anyone forget Warren’s Native American stunt. She coasted for years pretending to be a native — all to get special attention and treatment from our liberal system.

She’s been exposed as a fraud and a liar. Warren used race as a way to propel her career, but it was all fake. Not a huge surprise, right, given how much of the left’s tactics are fake!

President Trump’s not afraid to torch a person who’s proven to be a fraud. The American people should be thanking him. Elizabeth Warren, much like the rest of the left’s leaders, represents everything wrong with our government.

She’s been in Washington for years, with little to show for it. Warren has few accomplishments to her name. Her own claim to recognition and respect was her ties to Cherokee Indians, something we now know was entirely made up.

Yet she continues to demand attention, respect, and even votes.

That’s the Democratic Party in a nutshell. They are nothing but frauds and liars who demand our attention and tax dollars.

And they wonder why so many of us despise them!

But don’t be fooled. Warren isn’t going anywhere. She will join a throng of scheming Democrats who will fight for the White House in the coming months. The worst of the worst of the liberal party will claw their way to the top — in order to steal the presidency from Donald Trump.

Which of the worst criminals in politics will end up with the nomination? Will it be Warren? Will this fake Native American actually con Democrats into supporting her? There’s a very real possibility.

More people need to see her for the fraud she is. And to revel in Trump’s perfect roast.