Trump Just Blindsided Pelosi & Schumer Overnight — They’re Going To Be Furious

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President Donald Trump isn’t someone to be bullied or pushed around. This is evidenced by the fact that the longest government shutdown in American history is underway, and Trump refuses to budge an inch despite the ongoing tantrums of Congressional Democrats. Now, Nancy Pelosi and her partners in crime have a brand new reason to be furious, after what our President just did in order to get Democrats swayed to his side over the border wall issue.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Rather than the President pulling out his Trump card and declaring a national emergency to get the job done, Trump is now targeting Democratic defectors who are eager to end the shutdown and get Americans back to work.

According to people familiar with the new plan, a last-ditch effort will be made to woo moderate Democrats from red districts, completely circumventing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who definitely refuse to compromise a single inch over the construction of the wall.

They’re seeking to circumvent Democratic leadership and win over more moderate-minded pragmatists who are sick of the gridlock and eager to end the shutdown.

The White House strategy to try to peel away Blue Dog Democrats or those in the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus is a long shot, though the White House on Monday invited a group of House Democrats to meet this week to discuss border security. Trump has flip-flopped on funding compromises at least a half-dozen times since before Christmas. And though several centrist Democrats have expressed unease with the shutdown, it’s unclear whether the White House could even convince these rank-and-file members to strike a deal because they simply don’t trust Trump.

Pelosi has also kept Democrats unified in opposing the wall, and so far, no House Democrats have publicly defected. And it’s highly unlikely that any Democrat would side with the president over their own leadership anytime soon, especially following news this weekend that the FBI investigated whether Trump is a Russian agent. [Source: Politico]

As the feud between House Democrats and the Trump Administration continues, Trump on Monday said he would rather reach an agreement with Congress over taking unilateral action, where declaring a national emergency to build a wall appears to be an option on the back burner… for now.

“I have the absolute legal right to call it, but I’m not looking to do that,” Trump told reporters Monday as he departed the White House en route to Louisiana.

Pelosi and Schumer must be absolutely furious over Trump’s plans to go around them, as Democrats are secretly delighting in the shutdown so they can try and make the President look bad in the polls.

President Trump called out Democrats earlier this week, ridiculing a large group of them for fleeing for the warm beaches of Puerto Rico as he continues to put in long hours at the Oval Office.

“I’ve been here all weekend,” Trump said. “A lot of the Democrats were in Puerto Rico celebrating something. I don’t know, maybe they’re celebrating the shutdown.”

The anti-Trump agenda is rearing its head het again, and it will likely get uglier in the coming days and weeks. Pelosi continues to brazenly accuse Trump of “manufacturing the crisis” at the border and making Americans unnecessarily suffer so he can get his way.

But it’s looking really bad for Democrats at this point, as President Trump isn’t about to cave and give into Democrats simply because they’re placing blame for the shutdown on him. At the end of the day, Trump is going to ensure our country is safe, and if Democrats truly think they’re going to invade our country with hoards of illegals to pad their votes, they’ve got another thing coming.