Trump Drops HUGE Bomb On Reporter That Tried To Corner Him About Putin

Donald Trump has never been a man to hold back, and he proved just that during a press conference today. Unfortunately for the smug reporter who tried to corner him on his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump dropped a massive bomb that shut them up for good — and it was downright delectable.

Although Trump has mainly stuck to Twitter in order to bypass the lying media and reach the people directly, it seems that real “fake news” was leaked by the left. As one would imagine, Trump had no choice but to come out and address the Russian report that has been proven fake — but he didn’t stop there.

Allowing for a few questions, it wasn’t long before reporters used the time they had to attack the man personally. In fact, one reporter tried to corner Trump by saying he was a little too “cozy” with Putin, but things didn’t work out so well for the person asking the question.

As it turns out, Trump had a response ready and dropped a massive bomb, resulting in a deafening silence. According to ABC’s This Week, Trump simply responded by saying, “If Putin likes Donald Trump, guess what folks — that’s called an asset.”

He went on to rub salt in the wound of Hillary Clinton by rhetorically asking the question, “Do you honestly believe that Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me?” before answering his own question, saying, “Give me a break.”  Shutting up the idiots in the lying media for good, Trump showed exactly who’s the boss.

In the end, he’s right. Just because Vladimir Putin likes him doesn’t mean he has anything to apologize for — and really, what were they expecting? Donald Trump only did America a favor by refusing to antagonize Putin while on the campaign trail, and let’s face it, if he was abrasive to the foreign president, the media would have slammed him for that too.

We saw what good Hillary Clinton did with Russia when she worked for the Obama administration, and what did it get us? Nothing. Why not try something a bit different? The fact is, it’s nice to have a man in office that actually has a spine and will stick up for himself and this country no matter the case. Love it or hate it, Trump just is who he is — and nothing is going to change that.

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