[VIDEO] Trump Campaign Manager Arrested, You Won’t Believe The Charge

The race for president is heating up, and reporters should know it’s a dog eat dog world to get a sound bite. So, when a female reporter blasted on Twitter that she experienced something so bad at a press event, it rivaled the death of her father, people took notice. As a result, Donald Trump’s campaign manager was arrested, and the charge is so crazy that you’ll be shaking your head in disgust.

Trump campaign manager Lewandowski (arm extended) reaches towards Michelle Fields (standing next to Trump)

Reporter Michelle Fields is pressing charges against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. The anti-Trump media is calling the situation, seen in the photo above, battery. However, the actual charge is “intentional touching without consent.” That is all the prosecutor could charge. Unintentional touching without consent is when you touch someone without permission.

The Fox News show Outnumbered weighed in on the latest video of Lewandowski allegedly throwing Fields to the ground, and the panel was not impressed. In fact, Judge Alex Ferrer sat in on the discussion, and he was not moved by the video and easily dismissed the so-called case.

The media is making a big deal out of this non-event. As the video below shows, Fields and Lewandowski brushed one another in passing, and it looks like he unintentionally touched her arm, but she was not injured at all. He was getting her away from Trump because the press conference was over and it was time for her to stop following him.

Fields went on Fox with tears in her eyes, saying the unintentional touching was only second to her father’s death, as far as horrible happenings in her life. Let’s look at this “horrendous” event. Watch the woman in the light jacket standing next to Trump.

Social media responded to the charges against Lewandowski with Donald Trump leading the way. Even Piers Morgan got involved in the Twitter tirades.

So, was this woman battered? Some would say the crime is Michelle Fields trying to make herself out as a battered female. That’s what is offensive.

Fields has a shady history of making these accusations. It’s something she has done repeatedly. This is a young female reporter who is trying to make a name for herself, but it’s not a very nice name.

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