Trump Quietly Hands Cancer Survivor Envelope, Media Desperate To Bury What Was Inside

A military veteran who survived life-threatening cancer was recently invited to the White House to meet President Donald Trump. However, as soon as the veteran revealed what was in an envelope Trump secretly gave him, the media is desperate to bury the story.

Trump Quietly Hands Cancer Survivor Envelope, Media Desperate To Bury What Was Inside
After discovering what President Donald Trump gave to Shane Bouvet (pictured) for his cancer-stricken father, the mainstream media has desperately tried to bury the story. (Photo Credit: Shane M. Bouvet/Facebook, Screenshot/YouTube)

Regardless of how trivial it is, the mainstream media never fails to take a non-story about President Donald Trump and twist it into negative propaganda in a bid to harm his campaign and approval rating. The media’s flagrant “fake news” attacks on the current administration are so obvious that viewers are abandoning the MSM in droves, causing network ratings to tank.

So, when Trump invited a cancer survivor to the White House, which is refreshingly divergent from his Democratic predecessor’s typical celebrity receptions, the liberal media looked for an angle to censure Trump’s meeting. However, once they realized what Trump had quietly given the cancer-stricken man, they immediately tried to bury the story.

Despite receiving hardly any media coverage, President Donald Trump met up once again with Shane Bouvet, a young man who had worked tirelessly on his 2016 presidential campaign. Just over a year ago, Shane informed Trump on the night before the inauguration that his father, Donald Bouvet, was completing a life-saving cancer treatment that had bankrupt the family.

Without a second thought, Trump selflessly handed Shane a check for $10,000 to go towards his dad’s medical bills. As expected, the media made little attempt to report on Trump’s incredible act of kindness.

Just days ago, Shane brought his father to the White House to thank Trump for the generous gift he provided a year ago. However, Trump wasn’t finished touching the Bouvet family’s lives just yet. On February 9, Trump not only met with bladder cancer survivor Don for the first time, he once again offered the debt-ridden grandfather a whopping $5,000 to help ease the burden of his medical bills, according to the Herald & Review.

Although the transcript was published on the official White House website, this astounding act of charity was widely ignored by the mainstream media, proving the inherent bias in the news. Of course, this left Shane to bring attention to Trump’s generous donation on social media, which he utilized to thank the president for his life-changing efforts.

“Yeah, I want to thank Mr. President for everything and the blessings that he’s done for me and my family,” Shane said. “You know, my dad is life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. We started out in a trailer, to a house, and, when he joined the military — so I felt like it was my right to give him that check. He deserves it for his hard work and the (inaudible), and I just want to give back to my dad. So I was glad to give him that check so he could get the treatments that he needed.”

Expectedly, Shane’s father, Don, was in disbelief the first time he heard that the president was donating such a large amount to his son. Three weeks later, the check arrived in the mail just as Trump had promised.

“It’s very emotional because I’ve always told Shane and everybody I’ve talked to, no matter who is was — one day I wanted to come here, or meet you somewhere, shake your hand, look you in the eye, and say, “Thank you for saving my life,'” Donald Bouvet told Trump, according to an official White House transcript of a post-meeting press conference. “And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Initially, Trump had offered the money to Shane, who was so broke that he had to borrow a suit and shoes to even attend the inauguration. It was then that Shane handed the check over to his father.

Trump concluded the meeting by commending Shane for his dedication to his father, adding that he was personally touched by Don’s testimony.

“So I just want to thank you both — Shane, Donald. I think it’s an incredible story,” Trump said. “Thank you. It’s a beautiful story. Thank you very much.”

Shane expressed his gratitude toward Trump but still maintains a hint of disbelief that the world’s most powerful leader would care so deeply about himself and a man he never even met until just recently.

“He took time to meet me and my dad, who are just small-town guys from Stonington,” Bouvet said. “I think that really shows the true reflection of his character.”

Don is now cancer-free but still suffers the burden of crippling bills. With Trump’s financial contribution, Don and Shane can gain some relief from the medical debt. Of course, Don still has an active Go Fund Me account, which has raised $6,400 in the last year.

No matter what President Donald Trump does, the mainstream media is always on the attack, desperately trying to turn his efforts into a negative story to cultivate their liberal agenda. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything negative about Trump offering $15,000 to a veteran cancer survivor, so they attempted to bury the facts altogether.

It’s now up to us to spread the truth and call out the mainstream media for its flagrant bias against Trump and its unwillingness to report news that doesn’t fit its political agenda.

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