Trump Wipes Smug Looks Off CNN Reporter’s Face With 4 EXPLOSIVE Words

Donald Trump has proven himself to be a man who walks with authority, but it seems that not everyone has gotten the memo. In fact, a CNN reporter recently pressed his luck when trying to ask a question – and all it took was 4 explosive words from Trump to wipe the smug look off the man’s face for good.

As the country is well aware, Trump was forced to address a few horrendous claims released by the so-called media that turned out to be utterly baseless and entirely false. However, a few reporters recently decided to use the opportunity to benefit themselves, but not everything went according to plan.

Amid the press conference, CNN reporter Jim Acosta reportedly became agitated after he was passed over for questioning and tried to shout over everyone else. As one would imagine, it wasn’t his smartest move – but nothing prepared him for what was coming next.

Without warning, President-elect Donald Trump decided to hit the man with 4 explosive words that would shut the moron up for good. After the two went back and forth a bit — with Acosta trying to force his question and Trump telling the reporter he wouldn’t be allowed to ask a question — it all ended when Trump looked at the man and simply stated, “You are fake news.

Of course, once Trump issued the explosive remarks, it was pretty much game over, prompting everyone to move on without Acosta being able to ask his question. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, things only got worse for the man as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told him if he repeated his actions, he would be physically “thrown out” of the press conference.

Trump Wipes Smug Looks Off CNN Reporter’s Face With EXPLOSIVE 3 Words
CNN Reporter Jim Acosta (left) and Donald Trump (right)

CNN has proven themselves to be nothing more than a leftist propaganda machine, only aiming to do one thing — destroy Trump through any means necessary. Unfortunately for them, they just realized that entitled behavior only goes so far, and it stops at the door of whatever room Trump happens to be standing in.

Actions have consequences, and it’s really as simple as that. If CNN wanted to be treated fairly in the press room, well, they should have treated Trump fairly during the campaign, but they did not. You don’t get to poke the bear and then complain when you get bit. That’s just common sense. They better get used to feeling left out.

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