OUTRAGE: Team Trump Furious After Discovering Nasty Surprise Comey Left Behind At FBI

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James Comey (left), Andrew McCabe (right), President Donald Trump (inset)

President Donald Trump shocked the deep state by firing James Comey from his post as FBI Director on May 9, 2017. Before Comey left the FBI, he put in place a very real and serious threat to our president’s administration, and now, that nasty surprise has come to light.

According to The Gateway Pundit, ex-FBI Director Comey had a contingency plan ready in the event that Trump fired him. In a shocking new revelation brought forward by sources talking to Big League Politics, Comey’s backup plan is being executed by none other than Hillary Clinton associate Andrew McCabe, who currently serves as the acting FBI Director until Trump appoints a new bureau chief. The details of this treacherous plan are enough to make your blood boil and proof that the establishment elites do not want to lose their chokehold on our government.

Andrew McCabe (Photo: AP)

In this new report, McCabe is referred to as the ringleader behind the plot to bring obstruction charges against President Trump. The missing piece to this plan is now in place in the form of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who was recently appointed to “investigate” the Russian collusion conspiracy.

What many people do not know is the extent to which McCabe has already compromised his integrity on behalf of the Clinton crime family and the deep connections between Robert Mueller and the ousted James Comey. The three of them together are the best hope for the Democrat Party and establishment elite to bring down our president. Unless Trump acts quickly to remove this threat, it will continue to grow and take shape over the coming weeks.

Team Trump players such as top White House aide Kellyanne Conway have recently made their best efforts to bring this sick plot to light as she exposed Robert Mueller’s legal team to be comprised of staunch Clinton allies, according to Daily Caller.

McCabe has come under fire for $707,788.00 in campaign donations made to his wife from political action committees affiliated with Governor Terry McCaullife, who is another close Hillary ally, during the time that the FBI was supposed to be investigating Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server. McCabe served under Comey as the Assistant FBI Director during that time.

According to information given to Big League Politics by an inside source, McCabe is “running the show” and “he’s the key.” In an all-out effort to destroy Trump, McCabe and Mueller are assembling a better political operation than Hillary constructed during her campaign. The source said that Mueller, McCabe, and Comey are all “creatures of the swamp. Any Republican who thinks this isn’t a political operation and isn’t geared toward impacting 2018 and beyond is absolutely nuts.”

“I think McCabe is the most politically savvy given how he navigated the controversy with his wife’s campaign donations and the Clinton investigation,” the source added. McCabe immediately set up his team’s powerplay after Comey was fired by saying that his boss was not terminated for performance issues. This claim by McCabe leaves the door open for him to accuse Trump of obstruction of justice.

Comey was part of this plan all along and may have even calculated his own firing into the plan to take Trump down. Now, American patriots who are aware of this plot are calling for President Trump to get rid of Mueller and McCabe as soon as possible. It’s time to play hardball with these deep state hacks and continue to make America great again.

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