Trump Just Gave Comey A Nasty Surprise Destroying Him & His ‘Memo’ For Good

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President Donald Trump (left), James Comey (right)

President Donald Trump is defending himself against one of the biggest “deep state” operators, James Comey. The former FBI Director has turned out to be a villain, a real turncoat who thought he had outsmarted the president with a bogus memo implying Trump asked him to squash an investigation into General Michael Flynn. Democrats are resting their hopes on Comey’s lies, but now, a nasty surprise has destroyed Comey and his memo for good.

To understand the case the Democrats are trying to build against President Trump, you have to go back to former FBI Director James Comey. Everything the Democrats are resting their sick impeachment dreams on is tied to Comey and his now infamous memo.

Comey, as a deep state operator, wasn’t willing to go quietly into the night after he was fired. Instead, we just learned Comey called up his good friend Benjamin Wittes, editor and writer for Lawfare blog, and had him leak the bogus memo to the New York Times. Think about this, Comey is acting like a rat, leaking what will turn out to be a fraudulent memo to Trump’s sworn enemies at the New York Times.

We then learn, without any doubt, that Comey is a Barack Obama sycophant, as his good buddy Benjamin Wittes writes, “This was a general preoccupation of Comey’s in the months he and Trump overlapped—and the difference between this relationship [with Trump] and his regard for Obama (which was deep) was profound and palpable.”

Comey’s deep regard for Obama was “profound and palpable,” that statement alone should make every American shudder, and it outs Comey as a traitor who denied his duty to act impartially as a member of law enforcement. Instead, he was just another Obama-Clinton patsy. We all knew it to some extent, but now, we have the evidence, and that leads us to what happened after his friend leaked the memo to the NY Times.

After Wittes leaked the memo, cries of “obstruction of justice” came from the Democrats and Maxine Waters went as far as to say, “Now you’ll see the ties between Trump and the Kremlin, and yes, he’ll be impeached.” This led to Robert Mueller being named as a special prosecutor over the Russia-Trump investigation — except, there’s one huge problem.

Trump has just caught Comey red-handed lying. The president had his trusted staffers expose Comey’s sworn Senate testimony from May 3rd, 2017, in which Comey categorically denies anyone at any time has ever impeded or asked him for political purposes to stop an investigation, a testimony which exposes his memo as a fraud. 

Hawaii’s Senator Mazie Hirono asked Comey if anyone at the DOJ has ever asked him to stop an investigation, and Comey answered, “No, that would be a big deal, to tell the FBI to stop doing something without purpose. They can give us opinions, but to tell the FBI to stop something for a political reason, yeah, that would be a very big deal.”

It’s such a big deal that Comey would have been legally responsible to immediately report it. Don’t be fooled, the Democrats will say that testimony means nothing because Comey was asked about the DOJ and not the president. However, what matters is not who Comey is talking about, although it can be said he was speaking broadly at that point about any interference. What’s important is what his obligations would be if he was asked to stop an investigation by any government official.

Under the law, Comey is required to immediately inform the Department of Justice of any attempt to obstruct justice by any person, even the President of the United States. Failure to do so would result in criminal charges against Comey. (18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361) He would also, upon sufficient proof, lose his license to practice law,” reports Fox News’ Greg Jarrett, who worked as a prominent defense attorney.

James Comey is one of the biggest jackals in Washington, D.C. He has betrayed his president, and he has betrayed his country. Patriots will now see him as the jackal who is trying to subvert the will of the American people. An enemy of the man we elected president is an enemy of the United States of America. We must stand together and continue to back President Trump; he is draining the swamp, and Comey is finally finished. Good riddance to another traitor.

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