Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Mystery Solved, Liberals Furious After Learning What It Actually Means

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Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Mystery Solved, Liberals Furious After Learning What It Actually Means
Hillary Clinton (left), President Donald Trump (center), and Rosie O’Donnell (right)

It looks like President Donald Trump did it again. He trolled the entire country. As it turns out, all it took were what appeared to be a few jumbled letters to send liberals on social media into a complete meltdown. However, the “covfefe” mystery has finally been solved – and liberals are looking pretty stupid after learning what it actually means.

We’ve had to listen to it for more than an entire day now as liberals went absolutely crazy over a tweet that President Donald Trump deleted. In all, it simply read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” – and then social media went nuts.

Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Mystery Solved, Liberals Furious After Learning What It Actually Means
President Donald Trump’s puzzling tweet

For most people, the tweet resembled something along the lines of Trump starting to write a tweet, getting distracted and putting the phone away. However, while in his pocket, a few buttons were pressed, worst of all, the “tweet” button that published it.

Of course, he would later see what had happened and delete it, but for some reason, liberals have been obsessed over the matter – maybe because he egged them on after the fact. Either way, all of social media had lit up with leftist goons making jokes mostly about coffee or hidden meanings in Russian.

Well, as it turns out, Trump may have just trolled the world as the newest theory claims to have solved the “covfefe” mystery once and for all. According to Red State Watcher, “After doing some research and using Google Translate, we found “Cov fe’fe” in Arabic means ‘I will stand up.’”

Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Mystery Solved, Liberals Furious After Learning What It Actually Means
What “covfefe” really means (Photo Source: Red State Watcher)

Even better yet, it makes perfect sense if you put it with the rest of Trump’s tweet officially reading “Despite the constant negative press, I will stand up.” As all of Trump’s supporters know, it’s exactly that mentality that got him elected in the first place.

Many Americans were sick and tired of how things were going. Worst of all, we were tired of looking on as spineless leaders do nothing as citizens suffer while they only further themselves financially. Now that we have a man that really doesn’t need any more money than he has, well, his intentions really can’t be misinterpreted – unless you’re a desperate leftist looking for anything to criticize the man.

Whatever the case may be here, Trump has most certainly managed to troll the country – whether that be intentionally or not. When it comes down to it, the entire left has been focused on this tweet for the past 24 hours, which means he’s working on making America great while they are distracted with their own nonsense.

In the end, all the left is doing is showing just how intent they are when it comes to trying to attack Trump at every turn. What a complete waste of collective energy. Imagine what they could actually do if they were focused on something positive.

Then again, the left is only good at destroying things. They’ve destroyed American values for years. Although it is everyone’s right to vote, sometimes I wonder if people should have to take a test to determine whether they’re mentally fit to complete their ballot.

After all, an obsessive and pathetic fixation on a seemingly meaningless group of letters would hint toward a mental disorder. With that being said, they still weren’t even smart enough to figure it out – even though Trump was trolling them the entire time.