Trump Creates NEW Holiday That Obama Would Never Celebrate

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On First Day, Trump Creates NEW Holiday That Obama Never DREAMED Of
Donald Trump (left), Barack Obama (right)

Barack Obama will forever be remembered as a stain on our nation. However, President Donald Trump hit the ground running and began trying to wipe it away. In fact, Trump humiliated Obama by creating a new holiday that the former president would never celebrate, let alone create – and it’s downright awesome.

There’s no arguing that Barack Obama wanted to fully dismantle the United States and everything we hold dear on account of a deep and hidden disdain for this country. Unfortunately for him, Trump is set to erase just about everything he did and, in certain instances, make things even better.

Proving just that, BizPac Review reports that “President Donald Trump will create a national day of patriotism,” according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer. On his very first day, Trump signed a series of documents on the Senate floor, establishing his new administration, along with a proclamation for the new holiday.

At this point, not too much is known about the intentions for the patriotic day, but that isn’t stopping people from getting excited about it:

Spicer did not introduce any details regarding the new day for the celebration of America, such as the specific significance or the date. Trump has repeatedly emphasized the need to “make America great again.”

It is currently unclear how this day will differ from existing patriotic days, like Independence Day. [Source: BizPac Review]

It’s no wonder why people are looking forward to seeing what comes from it since Obama tried to take away holidays that Americans hold sacred, like Thanksgiving among others. This nation has been torn to shreds over the past 8 years, and it’s nice to see that finally stop.

Although there are those out there still intent on seeking America’s destruction, they’re not doing anything more than wasting energy on their public hissy fit. It’s time to “Make America Great Again,” and what better way than giving the patriots who live here another reason to celebrate our great country? It’s going to be a great 4-8 years.