Trump Lights Up Democrats & Mexico, Patriots Reward Him With Special Gift

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The liberal media’s plan to damage President Donald Trump has backfired in a major way, and now they are licking their wounds. Trump lit up Democrats and Mexico, and his supporters rewarded him with a very special gift.

President Donald Trump (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The president met with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un, and the media said he was not tough enough on the dictator, as if antagonizing him into a war was the wise move to make. It was a historic summit in Singapore, and the media worked overtime to find the cloud in the silver lining.

In the past two weeks the, media has become a full-scale propaganda machine, showing videos of children in detention facilities, separated from their parents who took them on a mission to sneak into the United States illegally. They have started playing audio, obtained by the George Soros funded group Pro Publica, of kids crying after they have been separated from their parents who broke the law.

It has been an around the clock campaign against the president. The media has successfully rallied weak kneed Republicans to their side to call for an end to the policy of prosecuting every adult who attempts to enter the United States illegally, but it still has not shaken the president.

On Tuesday, the president spoke to the National Federation of Independent Businesses and again reaffirmed his commitment to stand strong against illegal immigration. The intimidation campaign against him is not working.

“All we need is good legislation and we can have it taken care of,” the president said. “”Mexico does nothing for us. You heard it here. They do nothing for us. They could stop it. They have very, very strong laws. Try staying in Mexico for a couple of days, see how long that lasts, okay?”

The president mentioned the fact that child smugglers have used the policy of allowing migrants with children into the United States with a slap on the wrist to continue exploiting the kids.

“Since last year, child smugglers, who are very sophisticated, have learned the loopholes in this horrible rotten system, that the Democrats have to help us fix,” he said. “We could have the Republican votes 100%, we still don’t have enough votes.”

And he issued a warning to those nations that continue to send their migrants to the United States. The cash cow is about to stop giving you the funds your nation needs if you don’t stop these migrations.

“I’m going to go, very shortly, for authorization that when countries abuse us by sending their people up — not their best [people] — we’re not going to give any more aid to those countries. Why the hell should we? Why should we?” he said.

“Democrats love open borders… ‘Let the whole world. MS-13, gang members from all over the place, come on in, we have open borders,'” the president said. “They view that as potential voters.” And he added that he is against separating families, but he has not been given an alternative.

“We gotta stop separation of the families—but politically correct or not, we have a country that needs security, that needs safety, that has to be protected,” he said.

His policy has got to be a welcome sight by the American people because he now has been rewarded by them in the only way that one can determine support for a president.

A poll conducted by Gallup was released on Monday and showed that the president now has the highest approval rating of his presidency. The president received an approval rating of 45 percent, which is on par with other presidents at the same time in their term.

President Obama’s approval rating was 45 percent at the same time in his presidency, and President Bill Clinton’s was 44 percent. President Trump’s disapproval rating, which in the past has been as high as 60 percent, fell to 50 percent in the latest poll.

The media and Democrats are free to continue to attack the president and his policies, but it is apparent that the American people disagree with them. They have wanted these issues solved for a long time, and they are rewarding the man who is doing something to fix them.