Trump Turns To Democrats During SOTU, Cameras Catch Sly Gesture That Left Them Furious

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President Donald Trump did a little more than just talk during his first State of the Union address. As it turns out, cameras caught a humiliating gesture he made toward Democrats during his speech that left them furious.

Trump Turns To Democrats During SOTU, Cameras Catch Sly Gesture That Left Them Furious
House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter, 2)

Trump has proven that he doesn’t mince words. In fact, liberals are outraged more often than not these days because the president isn’t “delicate” enough when it comes to expressing his sentiments. Too bad for them, that’s a trend that isn’t going to end anytime soon.

The left doesn’t understand that they’re their own worst enemy. Take, for instance, the State of the Union address. President Trump did a very nice job explaining his position, his success, and his future plans for this country. Despite this reality, Democrats still found something to complain about.

With some looking like their heads were about to explode, others merely didn’t show up, and one pathetic crybaby even got up and stormed out of the room. In the end, Democrats humiliated themselves on a national level, and they’re still paying for it today.

Although they would love for you to believe that their sentiments are extremely popular, the fact that 75% of all Americans who watched it enjoyed President Donald Trump’s SOTU address proves otherwise. However, that’s not the only embarrassment Democrats were forced to suffer.

Come to find out, the president himself had a little surprise for the pouting left during his speech — and it was all caught on camera. While talking about lowering the cost of prescription drugs, Trump turned to Democrats and made a sly gesture in their direction that many missed.

Clearly seen in CNN’s footage, President Donald Trump motioned for Democrats to stand up and clap by raising his hands in an upward motion. In fact, the moment was so incredible that some are saying that this was the official moment that Trump “became president.”

Shockingly, the best part would come as Democrats did what they were told to do.

For those wishing to see it, here’s the full clip:

As people have been pointing out, there were a lot of things in President Trump’s SOTU that shouldn’t have been partisan — like anything that has benefited the American people. Democrats shouldn’t have been sitting and pouting while Trump announced improvements to the economy, stock market, and our taxes.

They also shouldn’t have been throwing a temper tantrum when he touted the lowest black unemployment rates in history either, but that’s what you get when you have a “party over country” mindset. Although the left was hoping that Trump wouldn’t last as president, they clearly underestimated the man.

Not only is he still president, but he just keeps winning. In fact, if he keeps having this kind of success, he could be in the running for “greatest president ever,” when all is said and done. In the meantime, though, Democrats will sadly continue acting like children when it suits them.

Then again, when the president tells you to stand, you do it — and that’s exactly what they did when Trump motioned for them to rise. Don’t tell them they stood for their leader, though, they hate that — even if it is exactly what happened.

You’d think Democrats would get tired of losing all the time. Sadly, it looks as though they have yet to hit “rock bottom” as they still embrace their tired and worn out tactics. At this point, most of Americans are tired of the left’s constant negativity.

Even worse yet for them, they’ve been whining so long that even their own base is shying away from them. When 75% of those paying attention says that someone did a good job, it’s safe to say it’s true. The 25% left over were mere hardliners, concerned with partisanship rather than what’s best for America — and that mentality is exactly why Democrats are in a tailspin.