Trump Administration Sends Group Of Entitled Illegal Aliens Brutal Surprise

Trump Administration Sends Group Of Entitled Illegal Aliens Brutal Surprise
President Donald Trump has cracked down on illegal immigration, starting by surprising 61 migrant criminals in Nevada last week. (Photos for illustrative purposes only, Source: The Washington Times, National Review)

Ever since President Donald Trump entered the White House, the left’s favorite special interest group, illegal migrants, has unashamedly protested his presidency as if they are entitled to our nation’s rights. However, after enjoying the benefits of a liberal state, a large group of illegal aliens received a startling surprise last week that they never saw coming.

Although Barack Obama deported more migrants than any other president in history, Trump is relentlessly criticized for cracking down on illegals who use their stay in the U.S. to commit heinous crimes. However, while cowardly Obama disproportionately focused on extraditing children and whole families, Trump is making the vilest of illegal aliens regret ever stepping across our borders.

Breitbart reports that last week, 61 illegal aliens, almost all of whom had serious criminal backgrounds, received knocks on their doors by federal agents in a major week-long sting operation. Even though all of the migrants had broken the law when they crossed the borders illegally, 55 of them already had prior convictions which ranged from drug offenses to heinous sex crimes:

  • DUI: 18
  • Drug offenses: 8
  • Fraud/identity theft: 7
  • Domestic violence: 3
  • Sex crimes: 3
  • Larceny/theft: 3
  • Cruelty or neglect of a child: 3
  • Assault/battery: 2
  • Vehicle theft: 1
  • False imprisonment: 1
  • Robbery: 1
  • Property damage: 1
  • Arson: 1
  • Burglary: 1
  • Contempt of court: 1
  • Traffic offense/other: 1

Officials reiterated that these individuals had illegally re-entered the country after being previously deported. In the bid to stop the ill effects of illegal immigration, the Trump administration is starting with aliens “who pose a public safety threat,” giving them top priority when it comes to arrests and deportation.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, those arrested include one El Salvadoran in Reno with a history of assault, battery, domestic abuse, and drug possession, and one Iranian in Carson City with a prior conviction for drug trafficking. Forty-five were from Mexico, six came from Guatemala, and three had migrated all the way from El Salvador. Another two were from Samoa while five others hailed from Cuba, Honduras, Italy, Armenia, and Iran respectively.

“ERO (ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations) officers here in Nevada and around the country are focused first and foremost on using this agency’s unique tools and authorities to help keep our communities safe,” Nikita Curry, assistant field office director in Nevada, said in a statement. “Our enforcement efforts last week are representative of the work we’ve been doing and will continue to do.”

According to the report, ERO officers are allowed to remove those individuals who crossed back into the U.S. after deportation because they had already received orders of removal from an immigration judge. Of course, others may face prosecution for their re-entry, which carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. Even if some of the arrested aliens aren’t criminally prosecuted, officials assured that they will be removed from the country for illegal immigration.

Just after his election, Trump vowed to punish sanctuary cities and states that harbor illegal aliens and refuse to cooperate with immigration officials. The cities like New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles are now in danger of losing federal law enforcement grants that fund an average of 25 percent of their total revenue.

As expected, California would be hit the hardest due to its many sanctuary cities. The liberal state may lose around $93 billion, which was 37 percent of their government budget for 2015.

Of course, the ramifications of illegal immigration aren’t always monetary. In February 2017, Denver liberals were responsible for protecting Ever Valles, a 19-year-old illegal alien, before he repaid their generosity by murdering 32-year-old Tim Cruz. Because of the city’s sanctuary status, Valles evaded immigration officials only to later commit robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

That same month, Connecticut liberals helped Oscar Obedio Hernandez, an illegal alien from Mexico, avoid deportation. Although authorities in the sanctuary state knew of 39-year-old Hernandez’s whereabouts and his criminal background, he was free to murder his child’s mother, kidnap his daughter, and nearly kill another woman.

Just 2 days before Hernandez was arrested, Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy told officials not to detain criminals based on their illegal status. Likewise, liberal activist Ann McCarthy protested in favor of illegal immigration just 2 weeks prior to the crimes.

While liberals continue to support illegal immigration because it makes them feel like they are contributing to humanity, the most innocent and vulnerable civilians suffer the greatest from their policies.

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