Trump Fans Attack After Hearing BLM Chant, There’s Just 3 ‘Small’ Problems

Another story of rabid Donald Trump fans attacking peaceful liberals is gaining traction on social media after Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ activists posted about the assault they endured, including pictures of their injuries. As their accusations paint Trump supporters as vicious animals always ready to strike, at least 3 “small” problems have surfaced, and this needs to spread before their lies do.

The photos are shocking, depicting bloodied and swollen faces that grab the attention of social media users, who then read the accompanying post, detailing the horrific assault endured by a group of peaceful activists. As emotions kick in, the posts are shared and reacted to with crying and anger, as many find what’s said just too horrific to believe…and that’s probably because it shouldn’t be — not yet, anyway.

As about 20 activists chanted in the street following an event for their BLM-esque movement called “Decolonize This Place,” they were allegedly attacked by 4-5 Trump supporters who countered the activists’ anti-white chants with “Trump, Trump, Trump” and “Blue Lives Matter.” Then, the handful of Trump supporters, some of which are said to have been cops due to their “hefty” build, unleashed a vicious physical attack.

As the group of activists was beaten bloody, the white Trump supporters, along with one random “brown” companion which shocked the peaceful protesters, also screamed slurs in their victims’ faces, calling them “communists” and “faggots,” but only after the bigoted attackers made sure they showed the victims their bracelets, which were of the Blue Lives Matter variety, of course.

Are you rolling your eyes? You should be, but first let me be clear, if such an attack were to take place, it should be condemned and the aggressors should be held accountable. However, considering 3 “small” obvious problems with these attention-seeking posts, we simply cannot take these “victims” at their word.

First and foremost, there’s no actual evidence that those involved in this alleged attack are Trump supporters or cops. Anyone can yell, “Trump,” and those who oppose him would love to have him blamed for their bad behavior. Assuming one of them was a cop because of his build is asinine. I know it might be hard for some pussified leftists to understand, but there are physically fit persons in society who are not police officers.

Supposedly, 4 or 5 men attacked a group of 20 and succeeded, bringing us to the next problem. Let’s say there were 5 very ballsy guys attacking a group of 20. That’s a 4 to 1 ratio of “victims” to “attackers.” Yet, the smaller group of “attackers” still got the better hand, and here’s the real kicker: “We had no time to film this racist and disgusting attack because some of us were too busy trying to pull Trump supporters off …” Really? Not one person could grab their phone and record or call for help. And, that brings us to “small” problem #3.

There’s no police report. There aren’t any witnesses. There are no hospital reports. However, there is a call on social media to certain mainstream media outlets. Of course, the accusers are refusing to speak to the news unless they approve of the outlet — unsurprisingly, left-leaning NBC got the green light.

Unfortunately, their shady sob story is already being shared.

The group has an obvious agenda, and this is exactly how hoaxes spread. We can only pray that, for once, the mainstream media doesn’t bite. Better yet, maybe they could do a little leg work and investigate these claims before running them as fact, as they have done too many times in the past. Unfortunately, we can’t rely on the press, which has become the biggest perpetrator of “fake news,” to do their job with integrity.

So, this is where we come in. It’s time to call out this crap before it leaves a huge stink on our already divided country. Enough is enough. If a story sounds outlandishly unbelievable, it probably is. To question the accuracy of a claim isn’t hateful or offensive; it’s smart. No evidence, no witnesses, no reports, no footage, and 4-5 on 20? Get out of here with this BS. We aren’t falling for it anymore.

[h/t: WeaselZippers]

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