Trump Disembarks In Florida, Onlookers Notice One Trick He’s Still Using

Photographers who captured Trump disembarking appear to have uncovered the secret he keeps hidden beneath his necktie.

As President Donald Trump disembarked in Florida, photographers weren’t far away to capture the moment. The breeze blew his necktie up around his face, and as the press scrambled to snap their photographs, onlookers noticed one trick that our president is still using.

President Trump is one of the world’s most high-profile billionaires, with luxury properties all over the world and teams of people at his disposal. Thus, it may come as a surprise to learn that over the past year, he has been photographed using adhesive tape to keep his tie together.

A gust of wind flips Trump’s tie into the air as he disembarks Air Force One at Orlando International Airport, exposing the adhesive tape he has used to hold it together underneath.

Trump even used this scotch tape method to hold the two ends of his tie together during the inauguration, instead of a fancy tie clip.

After sporting what appeared to be a new suit and tie during his joint session of Congress on Tuesday, President Donald Trump went back to wearing his favorite red tie on Friday that appears to be held together with scotch tape.

Thanks to strong gusts of wind that flipped his tie into the air while disembarking Air Force One at Orlando International Airport on Friday, once again it seems as though the president opted to use pieces of scotch tape to keep the bright red tie together.

Over the past year, Trump has been photographed several times with his ties flying in the wind exposing the fact that he doesn’t use a tie clip, but instead opts for the cellophane tape to keep the two ends of his tie together. [Source: Mail Online]

President Trump is pretty darn amazing and resourceful. Despite have billions of dollars in the bank, he’s more like your average American guy than any other man in Washington, D.C. He uses basic scotch tape to keep his tie together, he eats ketchup on his steak, and he spends all of his spare time with his family.

Donald Trump waves to the American people on his inauguration day sporting his favorite red tie held together with scotch tape.

It’s no wonder that Donald Trump has earned the respect of millions of Americans nationwide who have been able to identify with his easy-going demeanor and commitment to making our country great again. If he can fix the country as efficiently as he fixes his tie, we’re in good hands with a great future ahead.

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