Trump Just Found Sneaky Way To Fund Entire Wall, Chuck & Nancy Will Be Livid

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If there’s one thing President Donald Trump has constantly proved to us, it’s his incredible ability to get the job done in Washington, DC. As this President rolls up on the two-year mark of his historic election, he’s already racked up an astounding 289 accomplishments, including adding 4 million new jobs to the economy, destroying ISIS, and an 83 percent increase in the arrests of dangerous MS-13 members trying to invade our country.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the king of the “art of the deal” would already have a plan in place to fund the wall, which will no doubt lead to liberals curling up in fetal positions and screaming that Trump’s a racist.

Nancy Pelosi (left), President Donald Trump (middle), Chuck Schumer (right) (Photo Credit: Scott J. Ferrell/Getty Images, Yuri Gripas-Pool/Getty Images, Andrew Burton/GettyImages)

It’s so entertaining to watch the endless drama unfold in D.C., as Democrats do everything in their power to undermine our President’s agenda. Their latest tantrum is over Trump “shutting down the government,” as Democrats refuse to budge an inch on funding the wall, while nonchalantly handing over $10 billion in aid to South America.

But what liberals don’t realize is that the Trump card is about to be played in a huge way, as our clever President has had a plan in his back pocket all along for getting the wall built. The President intends to address the country on Tuesday night about his plans.

Anticipation is high for this address, as the President is hoping it will help make his case that a border wall is necessary and that Democrats are putting our safety and security at risk by refusing to fund a physical barrier. However, it’s unclear if it will be enough to force Democrats to fold.

When the fight over border-wall funding began, President Trump hinted that he could do an end-run around Congress, using funds from the military to finance the wall’s construction. The President has stated he’d rather not go that route, but is keeping it open as an option if necessary.

But, there is another option. According to the intrepid reporters at Politico, the President is mulling another option: an emergency supplemental spending bill. From the morning “Playbook“: “If Democrats somehow accede to a physical barrier of any kind at some point, the VP discussed the White House supporting an emergency supplemental spending bill. This would allow the wall to be built outside the current spending caps.” [Source: Political Insider]

Another option on the table if Democrats refuse to appropriate the funds for the wall, the U.S. military would just construct the wall themselves. He hinted at such an action back in December, amid the gritting and gnashing of teeth coming from Nancy Pelosi, who continues to call Trump’s border wall “immoral.”

Thankfully, if Democrats want to continue to play hardball, President Donald Trump can simply bypass Congress and Pelosi’s swamp dwellers, simply utilizing the military to get the job done.

It’s truly amazing that these Democrats, who are supposed to represent the best interests of Americans, would oppose the building of the wall when they know full well that dangerous gang members and drugs frequently come through our Southern Border. When President Trump addresses the nation on Tuesday night, he’ll no doubt highlight how Democrats are putting the safety and security of our country at risk by their refusal to fund a physical barrier.

But we all know the true reason Democrats are so hell-bent on keeping the border open. They need the illegals to help pad their votes in the upcoming elections.