Scumbag Libs HORRIFIED By What Trump Allowed Grandkids To Do On Marine One

Scumbag Libs HORRIFIED By What Trump Allowed Grandkids To Do On Marine One
President Donald Trump and his grandkids boarding Marine One

Donald Trump is doing a remarkable job, properly managing his time between his family and his duties as president. However, as he boarded Marine One with his grandchildren, he allowed them to do one thing that left liberals horrified, and of course, they are taking things too far.

Arabella and Joseph Kushner, President Donald Trump’s grandchildren, have gotten to ride in Marine One, something most children can only dream about. As the entire family boarded the helicopter to fly to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where Air Force One was waiting to take them to Florida, scumbag liberals spotted Trump allowing his grandson to do something that left them horrified.

Little Joseph was playing with a Marine One replica toy, and that was enough to push leftists over the edge and show their hate. However, that’s not all they noticed, and they took things way too far.

Scumbag Libs HORRIFIED By What Trump Allowed Grandkids To Do On Marine One
Joseph Kushner playing with a Marine One replica toy (Source: Daily Mail)

Apparently, that simple and ordinary act was enough to send the whiny snowflakes into another hissy fit. Instead of being adults and keeping their opinions to themselves, they decided to stoop to a new low and personally attacked Trump’s innocent little grandson, Joseph.

Unfortunately, what they had to say isn’t even expected from even the most disgusting people, but they couldn’t resist opening their mouths. It was entirely uncalled for and utterly disgusting.

Ignoring the rule to “leave the children out of politics” that they boldly screamed anytime someone made mention of Malia Obama, even when she became an adult, the left didn’t hesitate to come out swinging against little Joseph. First, they started in on the young boy’s clothing, saying, “Looks like they have him wearing a Prince Albert coat. NOT appropriate for a USA kid.” Then, another idiot decided to attack the child’s body by saying, “Short fingers, both.”

Scumbag Libs HORRIFIED By What Trump Allowed Grandkids To Do On Marine One
The rude leftists (Source: 100 Percent Fed Up)

I don’t care who you dislike or what profession they’re in, you don’t attack an innocent child because you have an issue with their relative. Politics may be a dirty business to get into, but it’s understood that the young children are left out of it. Unfortunately, scumbags on the left are playing dirty and will do anything to try to ratchet up hate against the Trumps, even if they have to use a small child to do it.

Of course, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump will fight back if his grandchildren are negatively affected by the left’s idiocy and disrespectful actions. I think we all can agree, it’s time for the left to start following their own rules. Unfortunately, they won’t because they’re desperate and already know they’ve lost. Leave the innocent little children alone.