Trump Blamed For Hate Crime Against Muslim, But There’s A HUGE Problem

When a Muslim woman was viciously attacked while wearing a traditional Islamic head covering at a supermarket, liberal loons thought they struck gold, calling it a hate crime. It gained international attention, and Muslim organizations cried Islamophobia and blamed Donald Trump. Now, the follow-up story of this “hate crime” is being ignored, and it’s all for one reason — one huge problem has been exposed.

Sheila Shaidaie (left), Donald Trump (right)

When a Muslim woman in London, Ontario was attacked by another woman wearing a “Canada” t-shirt, the story got international attention. All caught on camera in images that went viral, the aggressor pulled off the Muslim’s hijab and started pulling her hair and punching her. The liberal media immediately went into overdrive and blamed Donald Trump, calling it a hate crime and a prime example of Islamophobia.

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Unfortunately for them, there is one huge problem with this narrative of Islamophobia and saying it’s a hate crime. The woman who did the attack is Iranian. Her name is Sheila Shaidaie, and it’s likely she is or at least was at one time a Muslim. Coming from Iran, where the population is 95% Muslim, Shaidaie as the attacker doesn’t fit the narrative that the liberal idiots and Islamists wanted the world to see, so now they’ve grown silent on the story.

Within hours of the attack, Muslim organizations started linking it to Donald Trump. “[Trump] has made a number of divisive comments about a number of different groups. The fact that he is allowed to say these things and being provided a very large platform may give people license to share those bigoted and racist sentiments and perhaps act on those sentiments,” said Amira Elghawaby, a spokesman for the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Now, Amira Elghawaby looks like a fool, and so do all the other media personnel and Islamists who cried hate crime and blamed Donald Trump. These idiots will continue to blame Trump at every turn, but all it does is out them as political hacks and liars.

When the attack first happened on June 21st, these hacks hurried to report on it with at least 15 articles circulating on social media from Global News to Huffington Post. However, after the suspect was identified by police, the name of the attacker was nowhere to be found in their reports.

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Because of this, Rebel Media thought something was up with the liberal press. Why the blackout of the suspect’s name? Finally, they had to go down to the court, and lo and behold, the suspect’s name was not being withheld. It was just not something the liberal media wanted anyone to know. To this day, you will be hard pressed to find the name Sheila Shaidaie anywhere in the press.

This is evidence of censoring the news and spreading misleading information. All the mainstream media outlets that jumped all over this story in the beginning either reported the attacker was found and charged and withheld the name, or they simply refused to report on it at all.

The press was something noble in the past, even called the Fourth Estate. Its function was to keep the powers of society in check. When a society grows tyrannical, it always starts with free speech and the press gets taken over by those dictators who seize control. This is exactly what is going on today. Although this is not surprising, it is worthy to note and spread examples, like this story, which proves we are far from what the Founders Fathers fought so hard for our country to be.

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[h/t Rebel Media]

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