Trump Hater Gets NASTY Surprise As Cop Sees What’s Dangling Between Legs

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If anything, the most recent election has proven just how intolerant the left really is, despite their best efforts to convince people otherwise. Proving just that is a disgusting Donald Trump hater who got the attention of police recently – and it wasn’t long before officers were dishing out a nasty surprise after seeing what was dangling between the man’s legs.

Joseph Murphy, 20, must have had a bit too much fun on New Year’s Eve as he saw fit to continue the celebration, complete with heavy drinking, into the next morning. Unfortunately for him, it seems that his disorderly behavior on Disney property warranted a call to police.

As one would imagine, uniformed officers quickly showed up to the scene and began asking the man a few questions. After realizing that the man reeked of alcohol, they placed him in the back of a cruiser for disorderly intoxication – but things were far from over.

Trump Hater Gets NASTY Surprise As Cop Sees What’s Dangling Between Legs
Joseph Murphy

After forcefully being placed in the back of the police car with the help of a Florida Trooper, Murphy began to smash his head against the glass and choke himself while shouting “police brutality.” He also reportedly began to shout a variety of obscenities, including, “F*ck Donald Trump.”

From there, the man was driven to the Orange County Jail, but things would only continue in the same fashion until, without warning, Murphy unzipped his pants and began to urinate on the floor. Fully exposed, he turned toward one of the arresting officers and peed on his leg, leaving a large wet mark on his uniform.

Although it can’t be said exactly what happened next, police reports indicate that Murphy was “booked into jail without further incident.” Unfortunately for the liberal moron, he got quite a nasty surprise as he was merely expecting to face a single charge for being intoxicated in public.

Instead, he’s now facing a slew of additional charges, including battery on an officer, indecent exposure of sexual organs, and resisting an officer without violence. It just goes to show, actions have consequences. If you can’t comprehend why it would be a bad idea to urinate on a police officer, well, it’s safe to say that you deserve to be locked in a cage like the animal you are.