Trump-Haters Furious After What CNN Let Slip About Antifa, Their ‘Fix’ Makes It Worse

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Trump Haters Furious After What CNN Accidentally Let Slip While Talking About Antifa
Antifa member (left), the CNN article (right) (photo credit: Screengrab/CNN, Benny/Twitter)

As Antifa continues to cause havoc across the country, the mainstream media is quick to cover the events, often with their own liberal spin. However, while reporting on the incidents, CNN left Trump-haters furious after they noticed what CNN accidentally let slip about Antifa. Unfortunately, the fake news network’s “fix” just made everything so much worse, and now, patriots are outraged too.

Although they call themselves anti-fascists, Antifa is a group of left-wing extremists who are often violent and have a history of labeling anyone they disagree with as “Nazis” as they try to silence free speech using intimidation tactics. Often, they escalate situations to physical confrontations against people with viewpoints in opposition to theirs and will continue until they’re forced to stop.

The mainstream media has been reporting on the events surrounding Antifa as they continue to create chaos and turmoil. While usually manipulating what’s happening to adhere to their leftist narrative, CNN recently made a mistake by accidentally letting the truth slip, and when Antifa realized what they had done, they immediately fired back.

Reporting on the violence surrounding the leftist Antifa movement, Antifa members were furious because of the headline CNN ran with their article. In fact, they immediately contacted CNN and complained that their report made them look bad. Unfortunately, CNN took an already bad situation in our country and made it worse as they caved to the Antifa bullies and immediately made a few changes, adjusting the headline to paint Antifa in a better light.

According to Blue Lives Matter, the CNN headline originally read, “Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence.” However, after the complaints from Antifa, CNN changed it to read, “Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement,” dropping any mention of violence.

CNN’s “fix” might have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for the addition of an editor’s note disclosing the exact reason for the change. Shockingly, it also read, “This story has been updated to clarify that counterprotesters say they are not to blame for violence at the Charlottesville protest. The story’s headline has also been updated.” Too bad they are to blame and are too cowardly to admit it, and the leftist network would rather put out fake news than stand by their original, truthful statements.

Antifa is a decentralized group that often attracts local people. The members have been influenced and inspired to commit violence based on their twisted political opinions. Hate and division are what this group thrives on. They have been known to throw explosives, bricks, and glass bottles with nails at the police. More recently, they are using bottles of their own bodily fluids to physically assault others.

Additionally, when they attend right-wing events, they often carry weapons and people have been severely beaten in the street, solely because a member or members of an Antifa group feel it was necessary. They are a destructive and dangerous group. The facts don’t lie, and just for a moment, CNN disclosed to the nation exactly what the Antifa movement is — violent.

There is no excuse for their behavior, and there’s no excuse for CNN changing the story because a left-leaning group didn’t like the facts. Causing harm to others solely because their beliefs don’t align with yours is sickening and makes anyone who is a member of such an organization an ugly and immoral person, and the news networks that would excuse such behavior by refusing to factually report what’s happening are just as guilty.

For a brief moment, the left-leaning news outlet CNN, which often ignores the violence carried out by Trump-haters, published a factual, unbiased article exposing Antifa for what they are and showed America exactly where the problem lies. Unfortunately, once a fake news site, always a fake news site — and they have once again chosen to show their bias, putting Americans at risk with their lies.