Trump Haters Condemn the President for New Scandal, There’s Just One Problem

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At a recent anti-Trump protest, liberals were asked about President Donald Trump’s involvement in a twisted scheme. These people were quick to condemn Trump for what he did, claiming it’s another reason he should not be in office. However, there is just one problem.

The “resistance” was quick to condemn Trump over a new scheme. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

At this point, why do we take the “resistance” seriously? These people protested the results of a fair and open election. Some of them threatened the Electoral College with death. And some rioted during the Inauguration, causing massive damage across Washington, DC.

Since those early days of the Trump administration, the resistance has done nothing but harm our society. They attack innocent Americans for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. Peaceful Free Speech rallies are wrecked by Antifa thugs. Mask-wearing villains assault conservatives, including black women at coffee shops.

These idiots seem to just swallow up whatever CNN and the Democratic Party tells them. Answer me this: how are they able to show up at every protest and “Occupy” event? Don’t these people have jobs? Don’t they have families to support?

No, they don’t. Like good socialists, they rely on other people to take care of them. Few must have real jobs if they can drop all their responsibilities to carry picket signs outside the White House.

And some of them are incredibly stupid. Watch at how they react when a news crew asks them about the latest scandal about Trump. They ask these liberals what they think about the possibility that Trump colluded with a British intelligence agent to create opposition research against Hillary Clinton. They get pretty upset. Some even claim it’s treason.

Except… it was their lady, Crooked Hillary, who did the colluding.

The information about democrats funding the salacious and unproven Trump-dossier has been reported on for many months, yet these protesters didn’t know anything about it — but since they thought Trump was the one who paid the British spy, they thought it was unethical.

The FBI used the dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil a former Trump Campaign adviser. [Source: Daily Caller]

The fact they were quick to condemn Trump — over something that he didn’t do — proves how uninformed these people are. They simply hate Trump, because they were told to hate him. They aren’t looking at facts or real evidence to back their hate.

These people aren’t impressed with the success Trump is having. Our economy is soaring. Millions of Americans are at work and getting better pay. The GDP is surging and there is amazing progress around the globe.

I guess success doesn’t matter to these liberals. They are happy with America suffering under the lash of Obama or Clinton’s socialism.

Notice how they sputtered and mumbled their attacks. They are so full of emotion — hate and anger — that they cannot even articulate their ideas. That’s important because they have no real ideas. They are simply emotionally-driven children. The media and the left have expertly manipulated these people. They are willing to believe anything — if it makes the president look bad.

Keep in mind that Hillary’s fake dossier against Trump is perhaps the biggest scandal our country’s seen since Watergate. She (and her party) colluded with a British spy and Russian agents to craft a fake dossier of lies to steal the election from Trump. The FBI used it to obtain a warrant to spy on a Trump advisor. This is a wild violation of the Fourth Amendment.

These liberals realize it was a crime — thinking it was Trump who did it. But in fact, it was Hillary. So why isn’t she being investigated? That’s a question that needs to be answered.