Trump-Hating Female ‘Dwarf’ Gets A Nasty Surprise From Cop After Telling One Big Lie

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A screaming woman with dwarfism attended recent hearings on Capitol Hill, and she was a plant by Barack Obama’s followers who will stop at nothing to make sure his legacy stays the law of the land. Using this mentally unhinged dwarf really is an all-time low, even for the Obama camp, and you’ll be shocked at the dwarf’s actions as one lone cop gives her a nasty surprise she never saw coming after she told one big lie.

Female dwarf screaming at healthcare hearing (left), Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Matt Fuller/Twitter, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The unidentified female dwarf situated herself inside the Capitol chamber during a recent healthcare hearing on eliminating Obamacare. Former President Barack Obama is losing his mind over his legacy legislation getting scrapped in favor of a GOP plan that will not bankrupt the country. Of course, every social justice snowflake is clamoring to tell lies, alleging that if Obamacare is gone, they’ll be dead.

What better weapon for the leftists than an emotionally unhinged dwarf who will, on cue, scream these lies at the healthcare hearing? With police officers faced with making sure they don’t appear to be bullying anyone, especially anyone who is handicapped, the female dwarf is the perfect secret weapon. If a cop forcibly removes her, the optics could be pretty bad.

Writing for Louder with Crowder, Nichole Cooper reports, “This may just look like a dwarf in a wheelchair screaming incessantly while a burly officer delicately wheels her from the room – but we aren’t here to talk about your surface level observations. This video is really about how the ideals of the left can’t stand. They’re too weak and shriveled. They make clamoring noise without action. All bark and no bite.”

Here’s what she was saying, in case you couldn’t hear over your gut-produced laughter, “No cuts to Medicaid. Save our lib-er-ty!” Luckily, the cop reached his limit with her screaming and rolled her out of there. Sure, he was attacked by the nutjobs on social media, who miss the main point about everything when it comes to Obamacare.

Joel Pulliam on Twitter posted, “Man, this makes me upset! These people are literally fighting for their lives!” Wow. How is this woman “literally fighting for her life”? Marie Kane, another liberal snowflake, wrote, “That officer needs to be in another job. Following immoral orders is more wrong than refusing them.” Following immoral orders? How? By removing an unhinged screaming dwarf from a public hearing? The cop is doing his job, keeping order in the hearing room.

But, this one takes the cake: “Disabled were the 1st ppl killed by the #Nazis. And #GC [Graham-Cassidy] WILL kill ppl. @GOP cowards can’t face them,” posted Twitter user “Bells110.” Really? When will these idiots stop with the Nazi crap? Of course, the real problem here, besides the inflammatory language, is Obamacare will get you killed sooner than any GOP plan.

Obamacare refuses to treat anyone with a stage 4 cancer if survival is less than 15% — and these nitwits really think that’s the answer? Go ask the Canadians how their healthcare is working out. The horror stories are all over the internet.

Hell, ask the Americans who pay so much in premiums that they can’t afford their insane deductible and end up putting off a visit to the doctor, only to later learn they have cancer and still have to pay for the necessary treatments out of pocket because their plan’s deductible is so high. So, what do the Democrats do to drown out these truths? They bring in a nutty dwarf to scream at the top of her lungs, and then, when the cop removes her, they call him immoral for doing his job.

The bad news is, John McCain, the new Darth Vadar on Capitol Hill, is once again voting no on the Cassidy-Graham plan. So, it looks pretty bleak for the CG plan. It will not be passed unless something changes at the last minute. Those GOP congressmen and senators who refuse to play ball when it comes to getting rid of Obamacare should be voted out in 2018. President Donald Trump is doing everything he can, but he can’t force certain GOPers to do the right thing. Until then, we will be forced to see more of this mayhem on Capitol Hill.

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