SEE IT: Trump-Hating Liberals Furious After Seeing What Was On Car Driving Through Texas

Liberals in Texas are furious after seeing one particular car driving down the road. It’s not the vehicle itself that has caught the attention of drivers everywhere but rather what’s seen on it – and there’s actually a very good reason for it.

SEE IT: Trump Hating Liberals Furious After Seeing What Was On Car Driving Through Texas
Richard Glaser (left) and his vehicle (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/KXII)

Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser says that he’s been driving all over Texas for the past 35 years with the same thing on his vehicle every time. However, with the recent outrage from liberal whiners everywhere, it’s only recently become a problem.

As it turns out, it seems that entitled brats have finally taken enough issue with his “Hang Em” personalized license plate that the DMV is forcing him to change it. Saying that he was inspired by Clint Eastwood over three and a half decades ago, the plate idea just kind of came to him and has been on his cars ever since.

“It really sorta fits what I do,” said Glaser. “It harkens back to frontier justice, in fact, they had a picture of Clint Eastwood, ‘Hang Em High’, that sort of gave me the idea back in the early ’80s.”

“If I’m out on the road, people will drive by, give me a thumbs up, or clap or something like that,” said Glaser. “I guess the people in Austin have a little different sense of humor.” [Source: KXII]

SEE IT: Trump Hating Liberals Furious After Seeing What Was On Car Driving Through Texas
Richard Glaser’s license plate (Photo Credit: Screenshot/KXII)

However, that all recently came to a screeching halt after a whiner saw his plate and decided to complain. According to Law Newz, the DMV recently got a comment from another driver saying, “How can the district attorney for Fannin County have ‘HANG EM’ and that not be threatening?”

Oddly, this was enough to qualify as a complaint, leaving the DMV able to reject the man’s plate renewal, saying that his desires were “potentially objectionable to one or more members of the public.” Although the badass DA tried to push back, he quickly realized this wasn’t a fight that he was going to win.

As a result, he settled on a yet another idea, this time submitting, “GELD EM” – a nod to castration – but this too was objectional as well. Saying that this was yet another shocker, Glaser states that he’s now going to try something a bit more “plain-vanilla.”

“I guess that there’s people down in Austin that probably make a pretty good salary that decides stuff like this,” he said while bashing the pencil pushers in the DMV. In the end, he’s settled on “DA 336,” after the 336th District Court in Bonham, Texas – but it’s only because of the whining brats that don’t understand real justice.

Sadly, this is just another case proving how far down the drain this country has gone in terms of social standards, morality, and ethics. Those who hate President Donald Trump have made it clear that they believe political correctness to be above any form of rules. That’s why they excuse illegal aliens for breaking our laws, and it’s why they excuse terrorists simply because they’re Muslims. They don’t understand things like accountability or responsibility — either that or want no part of them.

Glaser is a man who enforces the law. He’s the guy standing on the line of good and evil, protecting the good guys for the bad. When push comes to shove, if you have a problem with hanging those who would wish you and your family harm, you’re part of the problem – and it says a lot more about you than those wishing to uphold the law.

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