Trump-Hating McCains Will Support Biden To Defeat Trump, Get Torched

Meghan McCain and her mother Cindy are going against the Republican Party they claim to cherish and are supporting Joe Biden to defeat President Donald Trump in 2020. Just like the late John McCain’s funeral which turned into a Trump hate-fest, they can’t seem to put the good of the nation over their own petty gripes. Well, they both got torched by loyal Americans sick of their bad attitude. You’ll love this.

Meghan McCain, President Donald Trump, and Cindy Mccain (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY)

Who can forget the week-long Trump hate-fest that John McCain’s many memorials became, or the whiny eulogy Meghan McCain gave, making her speech more about the president than her father? Well, welcome to the McCain family making fools of themselves in public, part two.

“The late Sen. John McCain’s family plans to support former Vice President Joe Biden’s White House bid, backing the Democrat not only in his party’s crowded primary race but also in a general election matchup with President Trump,” the Washington Examiner has learned.

“In an extraordinary snub to Trump, who derided McCain’s Vietnam War service and mocked him even after his death last August at age 81, the McCain family is preparing to break with the Republican Party. McCain represented the party in Congress for 35 years and was chosen as its presidential nominee in 2008, losing to Barack Obama,” the Washington Examiner added.

Sources close to both Biden’s presidential campaign and the McCains said that at some point during the White House race, McCain’s widow Cindy, 64, and daughter Meghan, 34, a host on “The View,” will offer their public support in the hope of removing Trump from office in 2020.

A former McCain campaign official with close ties to the family said support for Biden was a given, but they needed to calculate how they “could best help the former vice president.” Both Cindy and Meghan McCain claim they are still Republicans, and one consideration is whether endorsing Biden in the Democratic primary could “do him more harm than good.”

“It’s undeniable that Joe Biden and the McCain family have a very close, personal relationship. It’s about what’s good for him [Biden],” said a source close to the McCains. Well, even hardcore leftists are saying this is a really bad idea.

“It’s the sort of unholy union that seems mathematically calculated to please no one. Or, as conservative Trump-hater Noah Rothman tweeted, ‘destined to backfire in every conceivable way,'” reported Vanity Fair. “And it will harden Trump’s support, confirming all the right’s worst assumptions about the late senator.”

Well, when the hardcore leftists are rejecting this idea of the McCains pledging to help Biden defeat Trump, it makes them look like utter fools. And many Americans think so too.

“Who Is Surprised? Not Me. Betrayal Is Part of The #McCain’s Family. This Is Genetic I Guess Haha! #MAGA #KAG #TRUMP2020,” tweeted “National Phil.”

“So the family of the man for whom the term ‘RINO’ was coined is supporting Biden. No surprise there. Good riddance to trophy wife @cindymccain and Weight Watchers member @MeghanMcCain! Guess when the gravy train passes…you gotta do what you gotta do,” tweeted Samuel Houston.

“Rino’s showing their true colours.. country doing good, Trump doing good….what are they voting for… oh yeah.. against the guy who ran against a family member…and turned America great again.high stock market.unemployment!” tweeted “The Sceptic.”

Let’s not forget Meghan’s words at her father’s funeral. McCain’s speech was meant to trash Trump. “A few have resented that fire for the light it cast upon them for the truth it revealed about their character,” said Meghan. “But my father never cared what they thought. And even that small number still have the opportunity, as long as they draw breath, to live up to the example of John McCain.”

Thank God Trump didn’t sell out his “MAGA” agenda and become a RINO who flip-flopped and lined his own pockets at the expense of the American people. Good riddance to Meghan and her mother. Trump doesn’t need a pair of whiners and haters to smash Joe Biden or whoever gets the Democratic nomination in 2020.

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