WATCH: Trump-Hating Protesters Get Asked Why They Hate Him, There’s Just 1 Huge Problem

Unidentified liberal protester (left), liberal protester with conservative YouTuber Austen Fletcher (right) (Photo: Instagram)

A viral video clip has emerged of a recent protest against President Donald Trump that is too good to miss. As several Trump-haters are asked to explain why they hate our president, it quickly becomes very clear that there is one huge problem, and thank goodness, the camera was rolling.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the hilarious video, released by conservative YouTuber Austen Fletcher, shows him approaching several anti-Trump protesters at a rally to ask exactly what it is that they are speaking out against. Watch as Fletcher takes a bunch of liberals to Stupidville.

As soon as Fletcher stepped onto the sidewalk, it was “lights, camera, idiocy!” As he approaches one special individual wearing a Spiderman mask and crouching on the ground, he notices the man mumbling unintelligibly under his mask.

“No Trump says no to racism,” the man said. “Let’s have a color-filled America, a melting pot, like America was supposed to be built on,” he added. Then comes the question from Fletcher, asking, “What about the diversity you’re seeing on the Trump side? There’s blacks, Hispanics, gays for Trump, there’s a lot of different people that support Trump?”

Obviously clueless, the wannabe Spiderman says, “Is there? Wow.” This moron had no clue what he was doing on the sidewalk, protesting our president, and neither did the next person in the video, which was also uploaded by Infowars.

Fletcher approached a young woman with an English accent, claiming that she sees racism “constantly.” When he asked her where exactly she has seen racism, the young liberal responded, “On television, anywhere really!” Fletcher continues to look for any sign of intelligence with another question as he asks, “What has he done that’s racist?” The woman responds, “I don’t know.”

Another man, dressed up in what looks like revolutionary war garb mixed in with a little Pirates of the Carribean, was interviewed by Fletcher. “Trump supporters have no idea what they are talking about,” the man said. “They don’t even know. When you ask them a question, it’s, they, they, I don’t know,” the man says as he tries to mock Trump supporters.

Let’s face it, being a liberal is way easier on the mind than being a conservative. Liberals don’t have to adhere to facts, reason, or sound judgment. The video clearly demonstrates that the people who Fletcher interviewed are more than likely looking for attention or emotional support from other confused liberals.

The problem is that they have gone down a path that started with just taking someone else’s word for everything. They didn’t want to figure things out for themselves, and here they are, years later, in a world of liberal madness.

President Donald Trump is hated by the political establishment because he wants to rejuvenate our national sense of pride and put America first. The liberals at the top of their own food chain know this and are fighting to keep us on the path to socialism, which will only promote a larger population of idiots, just like the ones seen in this video. Thank God, we finally have a chance to turn the country in the opposite direction.

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