Trump Gets Last Laugh After Hillary Fan Mark Cuban BUSTED In BIG Hoax

Mark Cuban devoted much of the last year to campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Now, Cuban is eating crow. Cuban bragged about his wealth and what a good businessman he is, but now, he looks absolutely ridiculous after being caught in a big hoax that backfired right before the election, giving Donald Trump the last laugh.

Donald Trump (left) gets the last laugh after Mark Cuban (right) told Americans a Trump presidency would make the stock market crash, an obvious hoax statement.

Mark Cuban made a ridiculous statement on the Neil Cavuto show about the stock market tanking if Donald Trump wins. Cuban knew this was a lie and a hoax statement when he said that Trump had absolutely no plan for the economy or jobs, and because of that, the stock market would crash if it looked liked Trump would win.

Not only does Trump have a sound economic plan, investors know a Trump presidency means the economy is going to soar, exactly the opposite of what Cuban said. So, here’s what really happened:

“U.S. banking sector shares on Thursday surged to levels not seen since the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, pushing the Dow to an all-time high. The S&P 500 financial sector .SPSY surged 3.70 percent to its highest since the 2008 financial crisis, bringing its gain since Trump’s surprise victory in Tuesday’s election to 7.9 percent, its biggest two-day gain since 2011.” [via Reuters]

Cuban tried to convince Americans that a Trump win would spell disaster for our country for the stock market and that Hillary Clinton was the sound choice. Now that Trump won and the stock market is at all-time highs not seen since before Obama was president, Cuban looks like the fool he is and Trump is getting the last laugh.

New York Stock Exchange with Trump/Pence sign.

It’s ironic that Cuban jumped ship early on election night. As the night dragged on, before Hillary had even conceded the race, she had already lost her #1 supporter, Mark Cuban, who tweeted out support for Trump’s presidency, realizing he’ll need to go back to sucking up to Trump if he wants an invite to the White House.

Somehow, I think Mark Cuban is not on Trump’s inauguration list of guests, and it proves Cuban may be a billionaire, but he sure got behind the wrong candidate. Cuban lied to Americans, hoping to get Hillary elected, but now Americans see him for who he truly is — just another loser who backed the worst candidate ever to run for president.

[h/t 100% Fed-Up]

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