Trump HYSTERICAL After Hearing Where Hillary Will Be While He’s Sworn In

Although Hillary Clinton is trying to stay far from the public spotlight these days, the bad news is far from over for her. In fact, Donald Trump must be hysterical after hearing where his former opponent will be while he’s sworn in on Inauguration Day — and it’s got to be like salt in a wound.

Hillary has been hiding like the coward she is after losing the election to Trump, but every once in a while, she’s been forced to crawl out from her cave. As it turns out, Inauguration Day is one of those times, and she can’t be happy about it.

You see, according to U.S. customs, ex-presidents get invitations to the festivities of the special day regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on. Of course, since Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton was once president, that means Hillary too will get an invitation.

Trump HYSTERICAL After Hearing Where Hillary Will Be While He’s Sworn In
Donald Trump (left), Hillary Clinton (right)

As one would imagine, guests have already been invited with a few responding – and it seems that Hillary is among the latest to give her answer. According to New York Post, Hillary “will attend the presidential inaugural ceremony later this month with her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton” – but it gets even better.

Seeing how highly esteemed former presidents are here in America, both Bill and Hillary will likely be seated pretty close to the front. In short, this means Hillary will have a near-front row seat to see her former opponent sworn in as President of the United States.

Talk about salt in the wound – and the best part comes as she’s obligated to go in a sort of way. So, not only is Hillary unable to run away from this little embarrassment, she’ll be forced to essentially kiss the ring of the man she despises.

There aren’t too many ways that poetic justice plays out in the political realm, but it’s nice to see it when it does – especially when it happens to someone who so desperately deserves it. Personally, I think Hillary should be as far away from the White House as humanly possible, but even I would say that this is one of the times where I’d gladly allow her to get close to it.