Trump Makes Special Announcement After Homeless Lady Attacked By Liberals

Trump Makes Special Announcement After Homeless Woman Bullied By Liberals
After a homeless black Trump supporter was brutally set upon by an intolerant liberal mob, Donald Trump made an incredible announcement.

A homeless black woman who has been guarding Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star from vandals was recently set upon by ruthless liberals, ripping up her signs and assaulting the helpless woman. However, as soon as Trump heard about what the leftist thugs had done, he immediately issued a special announcement that has us cheering.

After privileged millionaire James Otis obliterated the Donald’s sidewalk star on Wednesday, an unnamed homeless woman boldly took it upon herself to act as guardian, making the cold slab her new temporary home. Utilizing her sleeping spot as her own political platform, the courageous vagrant created signs to peacefully showcase her support for Trump. Unfortunately, she underestimated just how savage and intolerant liberals are, especially when it comes to the minorities they claim to champion expressing a different opinion.

Just one day after the homeless woman set up residence next to Trump’s star, a mob of vicious anti-Trump thugs attacked her, RT reports. After pushing her around and stealing her signs, some of the only property she owns, the animals knocked her and her cart down, continuing to hurl sickening insults and snatch things.

Video captured the enraging assault, showing the woman lying on the ground, shaking, and holding back tears. Fortunately, the heart-breaking story quickly made its way to Trump, the only politician concerned with this transient’s well-being. Now, the Republican nominee has made an incredible announcement befitting of a U.S. president.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Trump was so appalled by the mob’s treatment of this destitute woman that he has not only announced that he has a special “gift” for the victim but promises to seek justice for her barbaric abusers. The presidential candidate’s attorney, Michael Cohen, proclaimed on Friday that Trump promises the woman will have “the last laugh on these thugs.”

At Trump’s behest, Cohen exploded on Twitter, repeatedly requesting followers to find the homeless woman. He explained that they have checked, but she is no longer staying on Trump’s star. However, the candidate wants to “change her life” when he finds her.

Proving just how passionate Trump is about helping the woman, Cohen spent much of Friday responding to tweets, hoping to find some clue as to the woman’s current whereabouts. One user asserted that the woman is Marsha Lee, a resident of Santa Monica. However, it is unclear if this information is accurate.

Cohen assured that the police are investigating the incident and he and Trump will do everything possible to see that the thugs responsible for the assault are brought to justice. It’s truly heart-warming to see such a powerful man going out of his way to do something significant for someone considered “the least of these.”

Hopefully, this woman will receive the mystery gift Trump has waiting for her and the savages who bullied an innocent homeless person will be punished for their cowardly behavior. Of course, don’t expect Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to say that her black life matters or even apologize for the thuggery of their own supporters. In fact, neither of them has come forward to help the unfortunate victim of their national policies that never helped her off the streets in the first place.

This stomach-churning incident just goes to show how tolerant the left is when it comes to blacks, or anyone else for that matter, simply having an opinion with which they disagree.

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Photo Credit [Gateway Pundit, Donald Trump 2016]

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