After Saying Trump Conjured Hurricanes In ‘Evil Plot,’ Racist Idiot Gets Brutal Surprise

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A racist idiot’s Facebook post went viral after she seriously claimed that President Donald Trump is causing hurricanes to plow into the East Coast of the United States in an “evil plot” that will blow your mind. Immediately, she found herself getting the unwanted attention of patriotic Americans, and that’s when all hell broke loose. You’re going to love how she gets slapped with a brutal surprise, and it’s something she will never forget.

Breanna Danielle (left), Photoshopped “Hurricane Breanna” (right) (Photo credit: Breanna Danielle/Facebook, Breanna Danielle/Facebook)

She goes by the name “Breanna Danielle,” and what started out with Breanna posting a completely ridiculous claim about President Trump ended with her getting slapped by countless patriotic Americans. Breanna is a warped racist who dabbles in the most out of touch conspiracy theories you can find. Of course, everything with Breanna is about race, and that’s how she came up with her deep thoughts on hurricanes and President Donald Trump’s evil plot to kill black and Hispanic people. And, it’s gone super-viral.

Despite the fact that Breanna’s page had less than 1,700 followers, her post absolutely exploded online, garnering more than 72,000 shares and 21,000 reactions and counting so far. Thankfully, most – if not all –were from people trying not to fall out of their chairs in hysterical disbelief. That’s when Breanna took it to a whole new level, posting pictures of fat, ugly white women, writing,  “Omg y’all is not serious under my posts looking like this.”

Breanna was in for a brutal surprise, not only were intelligent patriots schooling her about her racist’s beliefs, she got the attention of Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars, who made a YouTube video targeting Breanna and other racist numbskulls who are on board her crazy train. Watson has one million followers on YouTube, and Breanna, not being the sharpest knife in the “Black Lives Matter” drawer, posted it, thinking it vindicated her.

Watson was masterful in his “The Truth About Hurricane Irma” video, asking, “Is there anything, anything you morons won’t tie into your Trump Derangement Syndrome?” He also points out that Breanna and her gangster friends were celebrating because Trump’s properties on Saint Martin were in Hurricane Irma’s line of fire, forgetting that so are majorities of black people, who they really “care about.”

MCRTV reported, “To be fair, based on the rest of her Facebook page, Breanna appears to have bought into some whackadoodle conspiracy theory that the government is pumping chemicals into hurricanes to strengthen and control them, presumably so they can then be used for various no good, very bad purposes. It’s probably the same stuff they put into chemtrails, or the water that turns the frogs gay.”

Breanna Danielle loves the limelight. She has a “Go Fund Me” page asking for $1,000 dollars over “financial difficulties.” The not too savvy racist must think she really has hit it big now and is still sticking to her story. “Y’all can call me dumb and crazy forever. But just know the word is spreading and people aren’t afraid to speak out anymore. If I had to be the dumbass to start it, so be it,” posted Breanna.

People are speaking out, but it’s not about how brilliant Breanna is with her nutty racist theories. What’s so scary is Breanna is just one of many who truly believe Trump wants to kill blacks and Hispanics. This all goes back to Barack Obama encouraging Black Lives Matter and Obama targeting cops as killers of minorities. Breanna Danielle is what happens as a result of that rhetoric — she is Obama’s legacy. She symbolizes everything he “transformed” in this country, and it’s going to take a man like President Trump to make right everything the former president broke in America. Obama was the “racist in chief,” and Trump is determined to not only make America great again but bring Americans together again, proving the real racists are those exactly like Breanna Danielle.

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