Liberals Attack Trump Over Illegal Veteran’s Deportation — Then They Learn Who Ordered It

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Liberals have found something new over which to attack President Donald Trump this week: the deportation of an illegal veteran. However, they’ve all been left with egg on their faces after learning who actually ordered the man’s deportation.

President Donald Trump (left), Miguel Perez Jr. (right), a tweet from Brandon Neely (inset) (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube, JOSHUA LOTT/AFP/Getty Images, Screen Capture/Brandon Neely/Twitter)

On Friday, the Chicago Tribune ran a story headlined “Green card veteran facing deportation starts hunger strike.” It was just what the left needed in order to spend their weekend demonizing the Trump administration for deporting a veteran.

“ICE has arrested a U.S. army veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and has two U.S. citizen children. His name is Miguel Perez Jr. and he has lived in the U.S. since he was 8 years old,” tweeted reporter Spencer Woodman, prompting mass hysteria from his liberal Twitter allies.

“Patriotism, sacrifice, and courage are being met with deportation. Republicans are intentionally not solving this problem to get leverage to reduce the number of legal immigrants coming to the USA. We reject the premise of this immoral game. People are not leverage,” tweeted Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI).

“Another painful example of the destructive immigration policies of the Trump Administration. We must fix this broken system. Miguel Perez Jr. is a patriot and doesn’t deserve this. It is a disgrace,” echoed Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH).

“This is how @RealDonaldTrump treats military combat veterans. A four time draft dodger wants to deport a man who gave his heart and soul for this country. Military members and veterans everywhere we must stand up and fight for our fellow brother in arms,” tweeted Brandon Neely, a self-proclaimed “Loud mouth former GTMO guard that believes it should be shut down.”

However, what Woodman and all of the other bleeding-heart liberals left out of their tweets was the reason Perez is facing deportation; namely, the fact that he was caught delivering cocaine to an undercover cop.

A U.S. Army veteran and green card holder with a felony drug conviction began a hunger strike Wednesday to protest his likely deportation, after a federal court denied his appeal to remain in the U.S., where he has lived since age 8.

Miguel Perez Jr., 39, a Chicago resident who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and recently finished a prison term on a drug conviction, had sought to remain in the U.S., arguing his life would be in danger if he were deported to Mexico, where drug cartels target veterans with combat experience to work on their behalf, or else.

A three-judge panel for the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected that argument last week. [Source: Chicago Tribune]

On November 26, 2008, Perez handed a laptop case containing cocaine to an undercover officer. Perez pleaded guilty to the drug charge and served half of a 15-year prison sentence. This, after he was given a general discharge from the military for a drug infraction, according to prosecutors.

Miguel Perez poses as he holds an American flag that he received from his son as a gift. (Photo Credit: JOSHUA LOTT/AFP/Getty Images)

And, it gets better.

Just a tad bit of fact-checking revealed that Perez’s deportation was ordered in 2016 — when Barack Obama was still president.

But Perez was actually targeted for deportation and transferred to an ICE facility back in 2016 when President Barack Obama was still in office.

Well, that’s inconvenient, isn’t it?

The keyboard warriors have been notably silent since this information came to light. All of sudden, they’re not so taken with Perez’s cause. How ironic.

Those on the left never take much time to investigate the facts of a story before using it to push their agenda. If it tugs at their heartstrings or makes Trump look bad, you can be sure that they will stop at nothing to share the story, even when their outrage is wholly unwarranted.

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