Trump Does UNTHINKABLE At Inaugural Concert As Vets Cry Tears Of Joy

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Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, did what Barack Obama would never do at the inaugural concert, and it was awesome.

There was one moment at last night’s inaugural concert that seemed to stop time as over ten thousand Americans in attendance looked on and cheered. It sent a clear message to the protesters and to the Obama regime that their time was up, and it caused Donald Trump to do the unthinkable as veterans watched, crying tears of joy.

As Lee Greenwood took the stage to sing “God Bless The USA,” over ten thousand patriotic Americans all stood and started to sing with him. After eight years of suffering under the Obama regime, Americans who have fought to end his presidency, all realized in that moment that it was finally over.

With tears of joy, veterans sang Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA.”
Americans stood and sang with emotion Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA”

Everyone was blown away as Donald Trump also wholeheartedly started to sing with tears in his eyes. The Lee Greenwood song is one of the most patriotic songs for a lot of Americans, and it was in that moment that we realized, here is a song that Obama would not be caught dead singing.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter shortly before Thursday’s performance, Greenwood criticized other artists who backed out of performing at Trump’s inauguration due to public pressure.

“It’s not political,” he said. “I consider it a great honor and prestige of being able to sing the song I wrote in 1983 at the Lincoln Memorial. It will be a wonderful moment for my career but also for the citizens who will be watching it on television worldwide.”

Greenwood, who has previously performed at the inaugurations of Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and George W. Bush, added, “The nation spoke resoundingly to elect this president.”

His performance was a momentous moment, where all Americans could sigh with relief, watching our 45th president display his love for our country. Older veterans were singing too, with tears of joy in their eyes. The evil reign of Barack Obama is over, and it’s morning in America, again.

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